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<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents The punk rock in the days of Youtube. Punk rock band. are three friends who try to stand out with some videos on YouTube.

Can you read statistics about Youtube and Wordpress? They describe which content is allowed on YouTube and which is not.

Zioniso Punk

From Caravaggio" by Ludovica Rambelli. Performance by the Malatheatre - Ludovica Rambelli Teatro A brief documental film about..... Street art documentaries in Roma / Rome / Italy (subtitled) Interview with Solo Gaia Diamond 0707 Maupal Best Ever Bol23 Jerico Guerrilla Spam Sen One Sabrina Dan Stefano Antonelli (99....

The neighbourhood that does not make messages - The neighbourhood from the messages (subtitles) With Mario D'Onofrio, Enzo Sorrentino (Green Inch), Giovanni Maddaloni ('O maestro), Antonio Caferra, Gennaro Danie..... The district of Bezirk, der nicht neu ist Mit Davide Zazzaro, Omero Benfenati (Comitato Vele), Mirella La Magna (Gridas), Antonella Monetti, Nicola Laieta (Arrevuoto), Don Aniello Manganiello, Paul Schweize.....

Subterranean in Rome (San Lorenzo & Pigneto) With Project Degage Casa x Tutti, Project Communia, Zafari Bookshop, Elvis Live, Luca Moretti, Terranullius, Osteria Rouge, Laura Giulia Cirino. Subterranean in Rom (San Lorenzo & Pigneto) Mit Alessandro Calizza, Martina Angius, Rossella Alessandrucci, Point Break, Forte Fanfulla, Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, Rebel Store, Pastificio Cerere, Lamer.....

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New details now emerge about the project, which will be a documentary focusing on the highlights of Nile Rodgers' career (alongside the release of his first record) with Chic in 23 years, "It's about time", which will include a collaboration with Daft Punk, singer-songwriter Janelle MonaƩ and icon Elton John.

The documentary reports about Daft Punk, who pays homage to Rodgers with the following words: "Dear Nil, we send you this message to thank you for the fantastic songs. I Daft Punk". Below a preview of the documentary with the Daft Punk tribute (directly from her "spaceship"):

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There are 104 million and 768,829 passages - or streamed - to use less radio and more IT term: this is the first ( and very happy) excerpt from "Random Accessories Memories", Daft Punk's new Daft Punk cover story on Spotify, that "Get Lucky" broke yesterday. The song, created in collaboration with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers - who always hold the most popular song of all time on the music platform and the song with the largest number of streams in 24 hours - replicated the track on Youtube, where the official sound (or track on the official channel of the Paris duo) reached 111 million and 781,151 streams.

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