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Download Www Amazon Music

For more information visit - www.amazon.it/amazonmusicunlimited. in Italy you can now download Prime Music at www.amazon.

it/primemusic., all included in your Amazon Prime subscription. In Italy, you can now download Prime Music directly to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via the link www.amazon. en/primemusic Amazon Music. To the app for data consumption, which is spread over Wi-Fi, mobile network and download, it would be useful.

Music Digital: Amazon.it

Music is something that accompanies us all our lives. From childhood to puberty, music has always been with us, has shaped our experiences, and has given us memories of parties, concerts, weddings, travels, races, marathons, or simply company at home. Our music library is a constantly evolving memory of our lives, from brief thoughts to our most distant pleasures.

Amazon.it's Digital Music store has millions of songs and albums from all eras and styles. Discover the popular or popular hits of our albums and tracks by Vasco Rossi, One Direction, Elisa, Beyoncé, Ligabue, Tiziano Ferro, Ramazzotti, Fedez, Meghan Trainor, Enrique Iglesias, Sia and many others.

Digital Music buys from Amazon.it and can be listened to via our music apps for iPhone, Android and Tray to listen to music wherever you are. You can also download your music in MP-3 format to your mobile phone, notebook or computer. Whether news, offers or bestsellers, every single audio book or track you buy is displayed in your digital library on its release date, and can be downloaded or streamed.

Download music to your device

When you download music to your device, you can play it without an active Wi-Fi connection. To download music to your device: Open the Amazon Music App and find the tracks or albums you want to download. To start the download: Android devices: For albums, playlists, or songs, tap the three vertical dots next to the track you want to download, then select Download.

From albums or playlists, tap the track you want to download and then tap the Download icon for your iPhone or iPod touch devices. For individual tracks, tap the three vertical points next to the track or tap More Options in the Playback Window, then tap Download. Music downloaded to your device or SD card is available under My Music on the Offline Music tab on Android or My Music on iPod touch.

For Android devices: Open the Amazon Music pull-down list by moving the left side of the screen or tapping the pull-down list icon and tapping Recently used. Tocca Recenti. Tap Settings and select the update option (Update my music for Android and update your cloud library for iOS).

Then try downloading your music again by following the steps above. Note: To automatically download your Amazon digital music purchases to your device, open the menu, tap Settings, and then select the check box next to Automatic downloads to Android or Automatically download Amazon music purchases to ifOS.

To change the archive where your downloads are automatically saved, open the menu, tap Settings, and select Save Location. You can set your device or SD card as the default memory. The ability to edit the archive where your downloads are stored is available on Android devices with Lollipop or KitKat operating systems.

Some record companies require us to include identifiers in the metadata of music content when it is downloaded from the Digital Music Store or the My Music section of the application.

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