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XV edition of the International Folk and World Music Festival. Our very personal interpretation of world and folk music. Turbo-Folk is the most popular and popular genre of music. The Tre Martelli are an Italian folk and traditional music group.

migala - Recensione - World 'n' Folk Music (Folk, Etnik, Akustico)

A journey into the sounds of the Mediterranean, starting from the most popular Neapolitan music and gradually penetrating the sunny streets of Salento and its tarantula inhabitants, reaches the African savannah and its ethnic background to climb the Balkans to the sound of traditional folklore.

I' m talking about "Migala - World'n' Folk Music", the first record of the Apulian group of the same name. World ' n' folk music, a mixture of genres, which tries to break down racial walls and differences in language and dialect, with instruments from mandolin to tambourine, from violin to Celtic flute, all masterfully animated by the group.

It' s enthusiastic music, thrilling, that penetrates the veins, the blood bubbles and you dance. It is as if the sounds of Vinicio Capossela and the Municipale Balcanica had a coffee with the Taranta Power movement of Eugenio Bennato. The most successful track on the album is "Viaggio primo", which, led by the guitar and a rousing and intense voice, almost looks like a rain dance that explodes after the first drops in a liberating pinch.

"Rotta a Levante" has a beautiful African plot that continues with a riata and ends with the pressure of a Balkan motif, and "Antro of Sibilla Cumana", a hypnotic violin that transforms into a festive dance, typical of southern Italy, are the songs in which one tries to experiment more and tries to produce a pleasant and traditional, but at the same time not usual sound of the avant-garde.

The ultimate dance song is "Pizzigara", an explosive mixture of folk, Balkan tradition and piczica that doesn't allow you to preserve your arms.

"Aquaragia" - from World Folk Music to Abruzzo Folk Song

The folk music review of the 1960s and 1970s was a dynamic movement that combined ethnomusicological research, musical traditions and reinvention: many musicians interpreted pop music with their own sensitivity and with a view to contemporary music, thus reducing the fine line between pop music and pop music. The popular music group "Acquaragia" was one of the first in Abruzzo to follow the path of revitalizing folk music, together with the "Research Group of Old Sources" of L'Aquila and the "Lu Cantastorie" group of Lanciano.

Donatina Furlone and Ettore de Carolis were the pioneers with "Stelluccia del crelo non ti scurire", a fascinating LP full of modern atmospheres that did not forget tradition and research. Thanks to the skilful work of the master of Paliano and Donatina, who with his songs from Val Pescara was able to separate the role of the interpreter from that of the researcher "Stelluccia del Cello non ti Scurire", it is an authentic, almost futuristic jewel, considering that its date of birth is 1973.

Acquaragia " offered a wide repertoire of international folk songs and popular music authors before the collection and processing of the songs of the Peligna Valley began. The CD "Luna in levare" by "La Viella del Vecchio" contains part of the songs from Abruzzo that "Acquaragia" collected during the period of the resurgence of folk music and is now proposing with arrangements of the third generation.

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