Who Started Punk Rock

And who started punk rock?

The main reason why I founded a record label was to help bring the European punk rock scene here in the USA a little more to the fore. When we started, I said, "How much do you pay for it? She said "nothing man, it's stolen" punk rock girl, you look so wild. Your father took a look at it. punk-rock girl, that doesn't make any sense.


At last you can start streaming and downloading the new ATLANTIC XP named "Pathway". "Graaaaaaazie Romaaaa", ok, very discounted quote, I know, but thanks a lot really to everyone, thanks a lot to all the traffic personnel, to all the bands who played and to all the friends who visited us, special thanks to Napo, Marco, Manuel and Alex who made this meeting in Rome possible, great!

Welcome, Atlantic! The debut album had simply left us speechless, in our opinion "Martingale" is one of the best records released in Italy in recent years, so it was natural for us to offer our support to the group, also in view of the friendship, respect and esteem we have for the members of the group, people we have known for several years, who have their militancy in other leading bands of the Roman scene and beyond (Jet Market, ToKill, Red Summer Tape, Bedtime For Charlie, The Fact, Chasing Planets).

"Pathway " is a 6-part EP consisting of 5 unreleased tracks in which ATLANTIC do nothing but confirm the good things they had already done with the previous album, plus a front of their fellow citizens Friday Star (RIP), the beautiful "Northstar", obviously a warm and sincere homage to a cult group for lovers of the genre.

There will be two very close opportunities to see ATLANTIC in action, Friday, December 4th at Surfer Joe in Livorno (opening of the Damp Box) and the next day in Rome at the "Meeting Unknowable" at Traffic live at the age of 7, Indigo, Dear Dust, Last Heart Attack and Airin in a big party for us (and hopefully for many of you).

ATLANTIC Gli sono: The ENG - Atlantic is a four-piece punk rock group from Rome, Italy. There were four boyfriends who, after having played in tonnes of other groups, formed a group that went back where it all started, with the same approach that played the kind of tunes they had grown up with. Following the release of a d├ębut record entitled Martingale in 2014, the group played several shows in Italy to further it.

By 2015, the group was also touring China, posted by Hot Pot Muzic.

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