When did Punk Start

So when did punk start?

but when he spoke, he was a real asshole. Simon, rip it open and start over: When you started playing, how old were you? When did it start? alternative music. I'll always be the punk kid who cried when Pop got run over by a mail van.

Duff McKagan da Vanity Fair - Duff McKagan Interview - Nuova interesting interval con Duff McKagan da Vanity Fair - Duff McKagan Interview

The ITA: Very interesting interview by Duff McKagan with the renowned magazine "Vanity fair". First of all, the magazine points out that Duff has completely reinvented himself over the past 10 years and has become a prestigious and highly regarded signature for sports columns on ESPN, for funding Playboy and any other topic that might interest him at Seattle Weekly.

He also announced the creation of an investment company and financial management for fellow musicians, Meridian Rock. On Thursday Duff will appear as a presenter at the "South by South West Festival" in Austin, Texas, and on 19 April he will release the new album of his group Duff McKagan's Loading called "The Taking".

These are his answers, on certain topics that I will emphasize in bold type: - About him: He doesn't give a shit whether some people who have studied think unprepared about the topics he deals with in his articles and consider him only as a famous skirt bass player.

He regrets that he didn't make it before, because at the age of 15 he started playing in punk bands and certainly didn't read. He says that when he moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, he felt like he was alone and sober in that city and didn't know how to move.

C' era quest naovo fann forum sui Velvet revolver. When he decided to work with Seattle Weekly, he wrote an article saying that when you write an article or express a thought on the web, you have to sign to make constructive destruction and not meaningless speeches that lead nowhere.

  • The fact that he has now, thanks to his articles about "Seattle Weekly", created a community: Practically it has become so. She received a very beautiful letter from a woman from Seattle who lives in Egypt about the events of 11 February in Egypt. The woman wrote in a very political way, but after such a revolt Duff wanted to know the cost of bread there, the cost of electricity and the cost of natural gases.
  • To the fact that some hillbillies asked him for a photo and a concert: Duff was at Silver Lake. Duff laughingly told him why he hadn't asked her at the club at "Silver Lake" and whether he was embarrassed (in front of his friends). To the fact that the interviewer heard the new loaded album and liked it very much and with different genres from punk to heavy metals to some heavy hop songs: It's a simple label.

Many identify it with the punk part of the Velvet revolver. Punk died for him in 1983. Duff, when he starts working on music, doesn't want labels like when he starts writing. when Duff called him to ask if he agreed.

Jane's Addiction became his companions, but when Duff started working on Loaded's new album in August, he realized that he could only concentrate on one project and left the group. -About the Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland's Replacement Research: Research continues practically.

  • Duff doesn't say that about the tape that might be dead. He and Axl were at the same London motel and met thanks to the hotelier who warned Duff about it. They talked a lot and when Duff played, he felt the effects of Jetlag and Red Bull.

From the first song together Duff knew that he had to answer many questions forever. -About Gnr's induction to Rock n'roll of Fame: He doesn't know if it will be as bitter as Van Halen's when VR played Roth instead of David Lee.

He says he sometimes hears and encourages it, but thinks it is pointless for him to say that he is sober from time to time. Even when he was in the ER, Duff used to say that. ENG: When Duff McKagan was just the yellow-haired bass player of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, a live band that survived rock'n'roll and is best known for its exploding salivary gland, do you recall?

Over the last half dozen or so he has re-invented himself as an authoritarian and extremely amusing author, whose column about sport (for ESPN), finances (for Playboy) and every other topic that interests him (for Seattle Weekly) is now enjoying a loyal following. Recently McKagan also heralded the creation of Meridian Rock, an asset manager that specializes in peer budgeting, but he has not given up his first role.

He will be a sought-after orator at the South by Southwest Musikfest in Austin, Texas on Thursday and will be releasing The Taking on April 19, at the latest from his new group Duff McKagan's Loadinged. The ones who only know you as a renowned bassplayer might think that you are not as clever and well reading as you actually are.

Is that ever a biggie? McKagan Duff: When I sobered up [in the mid-90s], I really began to reading and reflecting. I' ve been reading the really great writers. {\pos (192,210)}I began to play in punk rock groups and tour at the age of 15, so I skipped high school. Mm-hmm. In 1913 Ernest Shackleton got bogged down at the South Pole when the South Pole was like Mars.

I felt like I was on a deserted little isolated peninsula myself, plain and alone in L.A. I didn't know anything about A.A. or anything. Looking ahead to 2003, I began to become interested in the web fora. It was this new Velvet Revolver fansite. Well, we didn't even have the name of the group.

So, when I began to write for Seattle Weekly, I did a feature on it. You have to face the situation and have an informed debate or you will be a whole generations nameless namesake and I am not interested. "I really pushed a lot of guys to I. D.'In.

Yeah, my Weekly line really turned out that way. A really great epistle I received from a Seattle girl who lives in Egypt on February 11th. I' m not really interested in altering my reputation. Love to write about being at a show in Silver Lake, L.A. and being contacted by tipster enthusiasts who wanted to take a photo with you but didn't want their boyfriends at the clubs to see it.

You' re covering a number of different styles on the new laden plate, which also amazed me. You' got your hands on heavy stuff like punk and heavy stuff, but also a big amount of rock and roll, "KROQ Song. "Admittedly, I was waiting for a punk album. At Velvet Revolver, folks always said, "You're the punk force. "I' ve been playing in punk groups since I was 15, but thenuns have been a kind of jumble of things.

Punk rocking passed for me about 83 years later. For me, punk rocking was a long shot. The Clash 79 I saw at Paramount in Seattle changes my whole world. That same year I saw Iggy [Pop]. I' ll just start. and Perry [Farrell] was quite desperate about the whole thing.

We' ve written some really great stuff, but when I began to record in August with Loadeded, I really found that I can only do one or two things. How about Velvet revolver? You mean the band's dead? No, I wouldn't say that. and I' m about to go on the road.

Let's just say it this way: For the next five month I very much question that anything will ever come to pass, but I could be mistaken. What did that mean and how was it to be backstage with Axl? It just came out of the clear sky. Hotelmanager tells me axl was in the room next to mine from all the major international hoteliers.

It'?s more about us meeting each other. Concerning the performance, I was really jet-lagged and on Red Bull. I thought from the first track that I would have to do interview about it forever. It'?s the first thing that crossed my mind. If Guns N' Roses is voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, what happens?

Revolver Velvet was the act that replaced [David Lee Roth] with Van Halen. It' been really unpleasant for us, but I don't know. I just know I can hopefully make the right choice when that comes up. I' m really not. McKagan's new Loaded release, The Taking, will be released on Eagle Records on April 19.

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