Whats Folk Music

What is folk music?

The folk music was born by the term "folklore" invented by the English archaeologist William John Thoms to refer to everything that comes from people. popular music, folk music, rock music, classical music etc. Because it reminds me of popular inspired circus music. Party photography, people photography, bright light, folk music, music. sickness rate big people good music cheap drinks, what is not to like?

Experiencing Music Academy - Live Music

This fifth live date for Experience Music Academy and Caffè Le Mura has as protagonist a very dear group. BestOff are original music, which has something to say, that knows, as the first natural origin of passion, of wood, of classical guitars, of acoustics, of double bass, of drums, united in a wonderful journey, which goes through the streets of folk and neo-soul characteristics USA, overtakes the heat of the Caribbean sun and tells its emotions, like notes of a wonderful journey.

In the deep meaning of the word "pop" or popular, they make music that comes warmly and sincerely to the heart. Veronese Samuele Rossin (Voice, Guitars), born 1989, modern guitarist and singer, author, composer and arranger, has hundreds of concerts and numerous collaborations in popular music and music. Contemporary Popular Music Laureato in Contemporary Popular Music presso Music Academy Europe (Université d'Essex, Acm, Middlesex University).

Ferracin Stefano, Martongelli Andrea, Passarella Angelo, Castellano Giacomo, Rosso Alex, Betto Aldo, Myrick Brad, Zemolin Massimo and Milani Alberto. The professional guitarist and modern music teacher was born in Verona in 1989. Graduated from MA 2000 Middlesex University in Popular Music at the Italian headquarters in Bologna, followed by teachers Aldo Betto, Bradford Myrick, Stefano Ferracin, Andrea Marco Ricci.

He participated in seminars and lessons with Carl Verheyen, Peo Alfonsi, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Jim Hurst, who have specialized in the study of acoustic guitar in modern music. Born in Bologna on 13.11.1985, he lives in Verona. He studied bass guitar with Marco Teti, harmony and music theory with Andrea Sorgini with A. M.M. in Verona.

As an external student he attended the three years of Verona Conservatory in the field of classical music, and as a double bass player he took part in the courses and examinations for ensemble music of Salvatore Maiore and Roberto Rossi as well as in the examinations for the instrument. He performs with the Conservatory's ensembles under the direction of Roberto Rossi, where he has the opportunity to participate in Venetian events.

Vicentino di Lonigo, born 1985, computer science graduate, student of Stefano Zuffellato and Diego Zuffellato, began to learn drums at the age of twelve. He then joined the big band Ritmosinfonica Città di Verona under the direction of Marco Pasetto, where he played for 2 years. He is currently studying jazz music at the Vicenza Conservatory under the direction of Mauro Beggio and Francesco D'Auria.

His interest in African American music, especially hip hop and jazzy music, is great, and he has also participated in various contemporary electronic ensembles.

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