What is Punk Rock Music

Mm-hmm. What is punk rock music?

The punks heard Patti Smith, Television and Suicide. lphoopla.com, a blog about punk rock music and veganism, interviewed Andrea. Review of the debut album of a new Milanese punk rock band. Find the perfect stock photo of punk rock music.

Discover new musical realities of the emerging Italian panorama. Sonpunkunkunk, Electro Punk Rock Band, Trento.

It'?s punk rock liberation in Piacenza.

There will be 3 shows, which will be characterized by a punk rock of the 90s, which even in the middle of the second decade of the 20s has no desire to die. As a result, they will appear fast, energetic, profound and at the same time ironic. All 3 groups have the long ways of the music culture of the years in common and this time again we expect them to take us back to those years.

Since 2004, but with deeper roots, they have been wearing straightforward, direct music that touches many themes and says what they think without turning too much. Of course we expect the tracks of the last Trolley Road, some of their classical icons and maybe a new preview which is still under construction. Last, but not least, of course, the Shandons.

A group that over the years can become a model of punk rock that can assert itself over time. Shandon have come to release 7 albums that will become a reference point for many guys who listen to their genre.

From punk to cristian rock; 20 years old The Sun, the most popular group - Jubilee Themes

They appeared before two Popes: Benedict XVI in Bresso (Milan) for the World Meeting of Families 2012 and Francis in Rio de Janeiro 2013, Assisi 2014 and Krakow 2016. And in their two decades they have taken a very special path, because before they became the most popular "Christian rock band" in Italy, they were a punk group of international importance.

The Sun, the most popular rock group among young Italians, is now twenty years old and celebrates its anniversary with a new discotheque line entitled "20" on 8 December next year and a special concert on 9 December in Parma. The Vicenza based group consists of Francesco Lorenzi (author, singer and guitarist), Riccardo Rossi (drummer), Matteo Reghelin (bassist), Gianluca Menegozzo (guitarist).

Previously, the Sun Eats Hours, a successful international punk group founded in 1997 by Lorenzi and Rossi, was named the "best Italian punk rock group in the world" in 2004 by M.E.I. (Meeting Independent Labels of Faenza, the most important magazine for Italian independent music).

Supporters of the variety rock star, The Cure, The Offspring, Deep Purple come in carriersa ulo Stati. The change of name and type of music between 2008 and 2010 is linked to the existential and spiritual turning point of front man Francesco Lorenzi, who led the entire group into a path of rediscovery of faith sanctioned by the release of the first Italian record "Spirits of the Sun" in 2010, released by Sony Music.

For the launch is the date with the fans for the evening of December 9 at the Campus Industry Music in Parma. On this occasion they will propose for the first time the unreleased pieces of the new publication as well as the "classical" pieces of the repertoire and some "goodies" of the past, composed and played as The Sun Eats Hours.

Many guests for this special event will share the stage with the group.

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