What is Punk Music

Punk music? What is punk music?

Failure to do so will cause the upcoming MAPS version to stimulate your memory. Hard metal, punk and rock are accepted and have definitely paved the way for a new music scene that breaks with the past and goes beyond expectations. Softcore Punk and Post-Hardcore Que Podria Recorder a veces a gente como Refused o Hot Water Music. Beautiful simple songs for complicated girls. The Germs were the first punk rockers in LA and were by far one of the most interesting punk bands ever.

For all fans of punk rocking music, the book that tells the story of punk bands has finally been published. Also suitable for children!

For all fans of punk rocking music, the book that tells the story of punk bands has finally been published. When I think of punk music, I always think of my prepubescent times. It was the first time I juggled a few rounds of bass and it was especially easy with punk music.

In short, it always seemed to me that punk music was the springboard for me, as for many of my acquaintances, to get closer to music in general, especially skirt. For all fans of the music genre, a novelty has finally arrived that you shouldn't miss. This is the book "What is Punk", which is currently only available in English.

The protagonists of this book are ramonene, sex pistols and many other punk-bands. Everything is illustrated with comics and is particularly suitable for those who want to convey the passion of punk music to the children. The book is edited by Eric Morse, journalist and author, who has written much of the book in rhyme (in short, to make reading more pleasant and fun).

The illustrations, however, are by Anny Yi, who created all the drawings and characters herself thanks to the use of plasticine. In short, a kind of book printed by "Wallace & Gromit" that gives adults and children the beauty of a musical genre that is usually too demonized.

The Pink is the Punk - Waking up

The music, interpreted by the best DJs of the international scene, will continue to evolve in search of new sounds and trends to offer a musical product with attention to detail and first quality service. In recent years Italy has seen a flood of talents growing from its origins and the DJ & Productionuo Pink Is Punk is no different.

The Milanese duet, also known as Andrea MAazzantini and Nico Vignali, has undoubtedly made a name for itself. After meeting in high schools 7 years ago and meeting other acquaintances, they took their relationships to the next stage. This was the beginning of a long-term partnership that was not anticipated.

Andrea and Nico both contribute their own disciplinary talent to the venture, but at the same moment, unusual in sharing the burden of responsibility for the studios in equal parts, they are an irresistible group. Relation flourished as the couple celebrated their first DJ appearance at the fashionable Bond Club show.

The couple showed their range of music with tones from all genres and played everything from old high school Hip Hop to Punk, for dancing this electric ensemble later became their unmistakable soundtrack. At Magazzini Generali, the line around the blocks was a clear signal, and soon the world-famous BuggedOut organizers took the couple under their wings and gave them a residence in Milan.

They didn't waste any of Andrea's and Nico's precious spare times, toured the world on top-class shows and festival like MTV Day, Heiniken Jamming Festival, Cocorico's 20 year jubilee and supported The Chemical Brothers, The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 1977 and Italy's Masters of House Music and later became Benny Benassi's coproduction partners.

Apart from their couple, they had a number of underground club songs and secured their first 2009 LP with the catchy name "Double Trouble". It was the first showscase of their electronic root music, combining hip hop, root, reggae and rock music. In the following year Pink Is Punk went one better and published the band as their own "musical autobiography", a token of their own musically expertise and a rough glimpse of their unbelievable talents, their d├ębut record "Skull & Banana" was published in November 2010.

Produce and published by Do It Yourself Music and marketed by Universal Music, the record was regarded as "the most hyptated record of autumn" and celebrated by an Italian media overflow. In 2012, their latest electric home showpiece came to the fore, when Pink Is Pink feat. birthday.

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