What is Punk

What's punk?

Was is Punk? is an illustrated children's book by an American writer and designer to explain punk to children. A funny book to explain punk to children. How can you explain punk to kids? A mission that's a little difficult, but not impossible.

is an artist from Los Angeles, California.

Punk? What's punk? An illustrative book by baybini bibelli

Eric Morse designed What Is Punk?, a children's book illustrated by Anny Yi, which tells children about punk music. The days of nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes are over, because from now on even the youngest can learn to appreciate the power and magic of the music of the adult world.

This is a children's book, created by Eric Morse and California illustrator Anny Yi, to inform young people about the anarchistic and rebellious world of punk music. Anny Yi reproduced The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones and many other punk idols like Iggy Pop or Black Flag faithfully with plasticine and then inserted them into the book, which, written completely in rhymes, tells the story of a subculture extreme and out of the box with ease.

Was Is Punk? is a book for all those rebellious children born of rebellious parents who have experienced the era of youth revolts, agitated rhythms, disobedience and broken guitars at concerts. If the purpose of kindergarten rhymes is precisely to reassure their living and living souls, then this book seeks exactly the opposite.

the book that tells the story of PUNK.

How would you explain punk to a kid? This question also came up spontaneously to Eric Morse and Anny Yi, who had decided to write an illustrated book to explain the history of punk to the children through cartoons and clay figures. Not just any book, because it follows the history of the punk movement since its inception, through the history of the major bands, through the Sex Pistols, Ramones, Black Flag, Iggy Pop and of course thelash.

The book entitled What Is Punk? begins: "Once upon a time, there was a deafening roar that awakened people like never before. What is Punk? features all images accompanied by old-style comic-strip captions.

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