What Happened to Punk Rock

So what happened to punk rock?

And Wilson said: "This is how I want to run my label, I want this stuff to come into being for bands! DE ) What happened to this Asian punk band? Ljubljana Punk In Drublic Festival Punk In Drublic Festival goes to Europe! Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song) testo canzone cantato da Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Read the full text Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the album B.R.


How about him???

Every now and then it's nice to get albums from bands that aren't very famous (or almost unknown) and that despite good music you can't get the right recognition from the audience just for a question of bad luck. The Jessica Fletchers are exactly one of these groups. The Jessica Fletchers dedicate themselves to an excellent Brit-Pop / Rock'n Roll, combined with experiments and sound research outside the classical canon of this music.

In my opinion, their country of origin is their misfortune from a certain point of view, but musically speaking, on the contrary, I think it is their happiness. I think it's their misfortune because if they were born in more fertile musical contexts where a music scene is emerging and they can export their music abroad, this group would certainly have heard about it with enthusiastic tones, but on the other hand I think it's their misfortune because they can make the excellent Brit-Pop, but manage to stand out in this genre in parallel experimental ways and maybe not petrify on classical cannons that would probably have brought him more luck.

Basically you feel an undeniable love for Fab-Fours and the sounds that revolutionized world music in the 60s, which conquered the world from Windsor. The influences are not limited to that, but you can also feel the influence of the second wave of Brit-Pop in the mid 90s with Oasis and especially Blur (the voice of the singer of Jessica Fletchers reminds terribly of Damon, head).

Surely if they had recorded this record ten years ago with "Definitely Maybe" at the time of the explosion of Oasis, this group would have had the right success.

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