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The MSC Music Location: Mascarene Islands, MU. Have a look at the webcam of MSC Musica and learn more! View over the Bug: Webcam at the MSC Music, MSC Cruises. Naples, Italy, Naples, Msc Lirica - Italy, Naples, Msc Magnifica - Italy, Naples, Msc Musica - Italy, Naples, Msc Opera - Italy, Naples, Msc Orchestra - Italy, Naples, Msc Poesia. Watch the live video of your favourite ship thanks to the webcams in our fleet.

MSC Webcam Crusades (MSC Divina, MSC Fantasia, MSC Lirica, MSC Magnifica, MSC Musica, MSC Opera, MSC Orchestra)

MSC Divina, MSC Crociere. A view over the bow of the MSC Divina, MSC Cruises. MSC Fantasia, MSC Crociere. A panoramic view over the deck of the MSC Fantasia, MSC Cruises. A view of and above the bow of the MSC Lirica, MSC Cruises.

MSC Magnifica, MSC Crociere. A view over the bow of the MSC Magnifica, MSC Cruises. A view over the bug of MSC Music, MSC Cruises. A view over the bow of the MSC Opera, MSC Cruises. A view over the bow of the MSC Orchestra, MSC Cruises.

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I thought that it was difficult for MSC ships to cross each other, but Splendid is slowly meeting them all: today Musica, two days ago Orchestra that had already met in Genoa, last week Poesia and Fantasia on their maiden voyage. If there are no changes, next summer Msc Splendida and Msc Melody will meet in Messina harbour and I will do everything to be there!

MSC Musica who?

Re: MSC Musica doing standby? ..... 4.64561800 (Note that this page will display the position of the ships in real time if it is detected by a network of detection stations NOT covering the entire Mediterranean Sea, so the ship will disappear from this location tonight when it returns to Haifa. So I think it appears in Google Earth and disappears (I think the system depends on this network).

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