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This category contains entries for Punkrock-Videoalbums. The Indonesian punk scene is one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. They discuss who the Droogs are and if they feel like a punk rock band. Punk rock music or attitude. Arragegiamento e video Punk Rock.

Blu/B torna con un vidéo "Punk Rock".

Punk Rock" is the next link between Blo/B and the Unlimited Struggle. A few hours ago a tape "Punk Rock" was released, but with a strong hip-hop load and it was Blo/B in collaboration with the Dj Shocca a. k. a. Roc Beats record company for which the single was released now.

"Black leather, rivets, nails like a punk rock group / brooches, tears, I am like a punk rock group" - so the Milan ese rappers quotes the chorus and makes clear what his state of mind is: You can be punk rock in different ways and he is it and he tells us in this unreleased product by J Vas and embellishes it with the scratches of Shocca.

As other rappers have done in the past, Blo/B is described in this song by comparing with others, selecting characters, colleagues and aspects in perfect harmony with the transmitted atmosphere. Related: Also read the lyrics of "Punk Rock" by Blo/B.

See "Punk Rock with Wings (Malibu Version)", the new Bianco film.

From this record was recorded the first single 30 40 50 recorded videotape, the first part of a movie project, which then includes other songs of the singer-songwriter, which become a movie in full swing, videotape by videotape. And the new extracted footage is "Punk Rock with Wings", in the special version "Malibu", recorded directly in the United States.

Rock Con Le Ali (Malibu Version) (Official Video) from Bianco on VEVO. The next opportunity to see Bianco live is April 24th at the Capanno Black Out in Prato, here all information about the event. Learn about the campaign in this ad (read from top): If, as a publishers, you have a complaint about one of the advertising creative, please click on the following links for more information about the advertisers.

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