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Here you can see a video of the city of Madrid as you like it. The Manzanese rapper returns with a new video: "Quando sali" feat Sheik, available on YouTube. Francesco De Gregori's new project chooses the art of Mimmo Paladino for Anema and Core. The video that follows the recording online. This page contains all the videos of La Fenice.

Working in the psychiatric ward even without pay

The Chimera is a specialist psychiatric clinic that treats 17 serious psychiatric patients, some of whom cannot remain in prison, but only in institutions like this one. A centre of excellence in which 22 professionals work day and night on medicines, songs and leisure activities, helping men like shepherds suffering from severe visual and auditory hallucinations.

But La Chimera, which continues to take care of patients and receives requests for beds from the judges, has not been paid for more than a year because she would not have passed an inspection of the region due to renovation work. It is a pity that the inspection, so they say in the clinic, the region never sent it and that the chimera then because of the guilt of those who should have sent this inspection, no longer officially work (and thus receive funds).

In addition to the promises, the sending of this blessed inspection, which could officially put the chimera back into operation.

In VIDEO - De Maggio: "Chestnuts new name, in addition to Veretout eye to Mendy, even if the parameters are high".

De Maggio Valter, director of Kiss Napoli Kiss Kio, spoke about the names under which the Neapolitan clubs works for the next market: "Naples has not yet defined the exact strategy, many profiles pay attention to Almendra (19) and Almendra (23), the new name is Timothy Castagne (23, right back of Atalanta, ed).

Veretout then pays attention to it while we watch Benjamin Mendy (24, left back of Manchester City, ed), who has such high parameters that it seems destined for "Real Madrid".

De Zerbi: "The punishment for Lazio is serious, the rules have been lifted" - Serie A

The video player is being loaded. Start of the dialogue box. The Escape is aborted and the screen is closed. The end of the dialogue box. The Sassuolo coach accused referee Abisso of being wrong after the 2-2 fun against Lazio, because he was convinced that he was wrong during the penalty imposed on the team. The punishment for Lazio is severe, the regulation has been repealed".

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