Vanadium a Race with the Devil

The vanadium a race against the devil

A track from the album "A Race with the Devil" of the historical Italian metal band Pino Scotto. Vanadium's career continued with three more L.P. reviews by Antonio "Anatas". THE VANADIUM - A RACE AGAINST THE DEVIL.

Each day is a race, each day is a trace of the devil.

The Recensione Vanadium - A race with the devil

It was in 1982, when I got a review from Pierfrancesco Atzori on Rockstar - at that time a top-class music magazine in fashion - talking about Metal Rock, the first work of a group that made good heavy rock, and which was also Italian. Vanadium, which grew up in the 70's as the only point of reference for the Italian early 80's headsbangers, received good reviews outside the national borders, with a remarkable fan base in France and Germany, countries where the combination of Hard Rock/Italy freed us from the laughs used to approaching Italy, to Orietta Berti and Mino Reitano; Orietta Berti and Mino Rietano, who were the only two Italian fans to have been able to get a good review outside the national borders;

but the most important result is surely the recognition of the European value by T. A Race With The Devil of the band's current position. It became clear from the first auditions that the group consisted primarily of the great musicians, Mascheroni, Zanolini and Prantera were much more than just counterparts, Steve Tessarin is still one of the most expressive soloists I have heard at that time,

and Pino Scotto, though not particularly vocally gifted, embodies and still perfectly embodies the spirit of the rocker, seemed and was "true", and indeed it will be what the most comprehensive musical career will make, first as a soloist, then with the Fire Trails and then again as a soloist. Songs like A Race With The Devil, Fire Trails, Don't Be Lookin' Back, Get Up Shake Up, later become classics; I Gotta Çlash With You, Running Wild und RUSS Roulette keep the quality rate of the album high, but the most balanced track on the album is perhaps Outside Of Society, a track by the most respected minor, which I still like very much today.

Easy to find on the album Echos Purpleians, Zeppelinis, but also Crimson, the vanadium after all have never made a secret of their influences, but the interpretation is personal, the aggressive attitude, the technique Ofissima, the courage to play hard rock in Italy great. I would like to find an error in the production sideveccare a little "approximately", which is partly due to the limited budgets and partly to the ignorance of our sound engineers with the dictate of the harsh sound.

After this 1983 Game Over, the sensational Live-Live On Street Of Danger from 1985 (first Italian Live-Rock), 1986 born To Figth, recorded in England and produced by Lou Austin (Queen, MSG, Deep Purple, etc.) and in the same year Vanadium participated in the 1st H. Italian festival in Bologna with C. Steel, Skanners, Twisted Sister and Motorhead), and there I met Pino for the first time, who signed the autograph you can see on the top left.

Vanadin's career continued with three more L.P. As written inside, A Race With The Devil is "dedicated to all the rocker in the world," and if you are or were, you have to have it. The only positive Italian note in rock. They probably deserved it and were striving for more...but they came too late with their tough proposal of the classical style that more classical in the sounds, lyrics, compositions and even in the order of the songs is not possible...1983 Welcome to Hell by Venom had already been released for two years!

But Vanadium and Vanadium and Rhapsody Of Fire are two completely different bands born in different epochs, I really don't think you can make a comparison. It is the only one I have of vanadium, although it made a good impression on me immediately, which was confirmed by the subsequent listening sessions. The inspiration for some sacred monsters of hardcore can be felt, but I agree that the group had personality and good cards to play (but in Italy there were many good formations that were often underestimated).

This is the only vanadium plate I've ever bought and fortunately I still own it. They did not drive me crazy, then as now, but as I have said on other occasions, I must recognise the role of vanadium in the Italian metals movement in those years. They gave many local bands the hope that there was a chance.

Concerning Perino, your last article always triggers a change of opinion, so I live a great record, namely Peter, which is obviously part of my vinyl collection, along with the other big vanadium! A little all bands of the 80s had the same fate.

be it, I may have exaggerated, but it remains a great scene in metals... mechanically... Mechanically...... 100! this is a fantastic record, vanadium are the legend of italian hard metal...surely the best italian band of the genre! but we want the reissues! but what????????

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