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Hardcore punk for many of us was above all an attitude and a way of life. You know, punk bands can just tour all the time. Olisson shows us the Hot Spots of Stockholm, Sweden. It' one of the biggest L.A.

area punk bands of all time! Colocazioni: Punk (music, bands, rock), the punk lifestyle, in the punk scene, Altro.

2016 rumagna sgroza - RUMAGNA SGROZA is recording

And since the farro starts to weigh and takes up a little too much space, and since we believe that it is imperative that everyone should own original records because this is the first commandment to support their music scene, we propose a listing of more than 80 records that you can have with these modes / we don't want to get the dull thing we are doing translated, just note that we make a specific sales promotion: LA LISTTA / LIST:


The new Lp/Cd of Fall Out has been released. The record was recorded in their La Spezia recording room and when there's a musical return to the band's old Hc sounds and the last ep's request for crossing over "Neuropa" is given up, the lyrics are even more in the political direction. Born in La Spezia in 1979, from the beginning one of the most striking realities in the new-born Italian punk scene, thanks to the high musical depth and the political thought expressed in the lyrics, that until the release of the self-produced "7" in 1983 remain in English to be later converted to Italian just to be more direct.

In the new record, despite this apparent change in tone with the arrival of the electronic stable, the band's tone seems to have returned to that of the beginning, with the rediscovery of that aggressiveness and recklessness punk / HC that made them great and are still appreciated 23 years after their birth. It is Stefano Morelli - Noise 07/04 The falling out are back with significant changes in them, we refer to the new singer Massimiliano Bertagna, who replaces Benzo worthily, and to Carlo Nicolini, who is responsible for the new electronic soul.

To put it clearly, this in no way invalidates the punk hard-core attitude of the Ligurian band, on the contrary, it contributes to enriching the aesthetic perspective of the project stylistically. And I think I can say with a certain "competence of cause" that the first Ep of the falling out (Criminal World/ Work Instigates/ Sick City / Reagan Hysteria / Punx United/ Religious Carnage / Sucks, year 1983) is considered as one of the best overall Punk per hour in Italy during the whole of the 80s.

I am convinced that if this single had been released in England and not in La Spezia (remember these were the years when British bands sold several thousand copies musically rather laughably than explited or anti-Nowhere League) it could have had quite a consistent following, even in terms of pure commercial reaction.

AmericanAnti renounces the temptations of some of their previous records and marks a decisive return of the La Spezia group to the themes of the most classical HC, also on the level of texts. The typical worldview that has characterized the Out case over the last 24 years (antimilitarism / fight against the "criminal world" of late capitalism, etc.) is returning more than ever and finding new (old?) goals in the face of the current tragic development of the international political scene.

Among the most successful tracks on the album I would like to mention Two Minutes HC, Production Award, Colle Della Battaglia and Americananti, where it is most important; you definitely feel the dynamics and competence of those who have been able to play for decades solid core punk. Compared to many other, often not quite convincing entrèes, case outs still have something to say.

Simone-Lamette 28/06/04 Who doesn't know that Case Out, beyond this tough new record, has two choices for me: the first is to stop reading us forever, and the second is to get free information on their website, through the old material that is no longer available now that our guys have completely circulated again in iP3.

And if that says much about their attitude, we read the same with the potatoes about the continuity that has caused the historians of La Spezia - pioneers of anarchist punk in the years of the birth of the old school - to show themselves intact since the eighties, to go through fashions, trends and phenomena of customs and reinvent their style and mature every time, never motionless in time, but constantly forced to.

And if the case of Out comes back to the top of the form on our table today, there is undoubtedly a reason and, in my opinion, lies in their actual musical talent, which does not live from memories, noise and untenable awakening, but from a healthy, inalienable and living daily urgency.

unpredictably, however, the sounds mostly return to the hardcore of the beginnings, with a flawless technique and vocal lines all sung in Italian, bringing back the best episodes of the previous xenodrome (very difficult, if you listen to the telluric opening). Conclusion: If Jello Biafra or Max Rock'N'Roll praised Fall Out fifteen years ago, despite the thousands of foreign productions to which they were certainly exposed, it's obvious that at least one inimitable style, despite the committed Anglophiles, is born right at home.

If the cover shows you, right in front of you, who's standing in front of you... look at those five people who haven't been boys for a long time, dark in their faces, who don't wear California bands' t-shirts with the logos of a Californian group, and see that you're going to hear a recording of the sincere ones, with so much anger inside and so full of content, and appearances aren't deceptive.

Marco Rinaldi's hoarse voice (reminiscent of another famous Marco, head of the criminals' class) is accompanied by a punkrock that is not particularly fast, but has a great effect, and with a synthesizer it reproduces the atmosphere typical of the 80s and breaks away from the clichés of the genre.

Ten tracks, all in Italian (except one in English, the only weak moment on the record causes a pronunciation that doesn't really speak English), which never lasts less than three minutes and which ultimately represent something different than what you normally hear, but for that very reason I imagine they will remain a very different niche group, while the children will continue to welcome the usual pop-punk midiot tape... unfortunately it works that way when it comes to broadening your horizons, these case out are a good starting point.

Active since 1979 and after them, who have already received ample appreciation and support from people of caliber of Jello Biafra, come to the fourth album (plus an Ep) the Case Out Clips. They are good and have clear ideas, they know how to alternate between more melodic parts and others that are more in the full style of full-heavy music.

HMP Websine 17/09/05 I Case Out of La Spezia, active since 1979 and protagonist of the glorious national hard-core scene, Michele Giorgi - HMP Giorgi - today come up with a work that manages to combine the past with the future in an original and convincing way. The past emerges overwhelmingly in the typical hard-core tone that characterizes the songs, powerful hymns of pure rage that can strike anyone who loves the genre into the heart.

The future lies in the use of electronics that infiltrate the songs without distorting the essence, on the contrary, it adds a sick and traitor to the sounds of the group. A seemingly disorienting and destabilizing combination that is nevertheless performed without leaving the lines and with an accurate dosage of the elements so as not to take a gram of force from the impact of the bombs.

The end product of this crazy copulation is a fascinating and exciting record that can be heard in one go and that lives up to the name Fallout, not only on a musical level, but also in the not-so-simple effort to deal with political issues personally and not to drop into the Bohemian stereotypes that are all too often used by more or less famous colleagues.

There is much to learn from a group that has managed to renew itself without being the classic group of survivors in search of a new identity. 06/04 Punk Punk Punk Punk Webzine A really great record of the ligurian rock act Falle Out. The right combination of hard-core punk old schools and the Californian music.

Having been in the club for 23 years, Falle Outs also deserve a compliment for their longevity and unchanged enthusiasm. Punkapunk - PunkForFun. it Webzine 12/04 Anyone who follows or follows the Italian independent scene will certainly have come across the slip, historical Italian group pioneer of national anarchist punk and active for several years, more precisely since 1979.

Countless concerts in Italy and around the world have been given thanks to the bands' praise in recent years, from characters of the calibre of Jollo Piafra and von Jine, who maximize rock'n'roll. So the spontaneous question arises: "Are we standing in front of a group that is now clean, or a group that goes beyond the dirty group and continues without a little passion?

In fact, even today, 23 years after his birth, the case out succeeds in astonishing the development over the years and proposes a classical "Italian bow". When we speak of the texts, as it was obvious to such a group, we are confronted with texts of a certain political depth in a pure fall-out style, which are always intelligent and well-founded.

At first glance the sounds of the historical Italian bands appear, clearly changed by the past. Your punk cores have evolved to become less dark and more catchy, but despite the evolution falling out remains a mystery to me! Again among us are one of the biggest punk bands Italy has ever had, a little underestimated (never understood why), but always great.....

CASE OUT makes us jump, they make us scream, they burden us with adrenalin with their exceptional hc/punk sometimes a little bit metaluso, the tone of the Spezini is overwhelming, the lyrics that can best be sung from the lungs (always a great merit to sing in Italian)....go and listen to COLLE DELLA BATTAGLIA and then you will know if you come out intact...and the electronics that we talked about before?

Don't worry, these few samples are very effective to make the tone even more granite..... But it is completely pointless to be here and to try to describe this great return of falling out, it is very difficult to find the words that agree with what this AMERICANTI is able to convey, the only thing to do is to take possession of a copy of the CD as soon as possible.

Define the case Out as a powerful and unbalanced group is small, these are just real musical beasts, they are pissed off by perennials, they live from screaming at the lightning and beats perfectly atomicmente. Your punk/hardcore is something deadly in every way, your tone, it's a bad tone, aggressive, dynamite, you make all your music a chaos of the generation.

Although the baseband is a punk/hardcore group, there is a fat, big form of punk oi! /street punk in their hearts and sounds, which is highlighted especially in the songs as Possible, Pig's Faces and Colle daattaglia. The Kick Promotion Agency offers us another volume that has arrived at his court, our case out, our heavycore volume, which has been in operation since 1979.

Falle Out must be rewarded above all for the passion shown in all the years for extreme music, 20 years of experience in a music scene that is not as easy to master as the Italian one.... With a career of more than 20 years, the La Spezia group can boast between 7", demos and LPs, but with the release of the album Americananti they deserve the best compliments for creating a compact and violent hardcore.

The Americananti is made up of scratch cards, songs with a modern tone, which are enriched by the use of synthesizers and samplers, but which sometimes reveal an interesting melodic aspect: The voice of Massi, quite warm, is very well suited to the genre, while the sporadic interventions of the female voice and harmonica are well integrated into the songs....

The Valentina Vigo - Zero Magazine 07/12/04 Di La Spezia and active since 1979, Falle Out come back with a new album and a new singer after the previous "Neuropa" was released in 1996. In almost 25 years of her career Falle Out has always been a very concise reality in our punk/hardcore scene, her validity has often been recognized abroad by characters like Jello Biafra and Max Rock'n'Roll.

For those who don't know, make case out a rabid punk/hardcore as it was in its infancy, the lyrics are in Italian and all deal with political-social issues and protest. Unfortunately, the workbooklet is minimal, you could do a little more, at least insert the text, even if you are in Italian, you can understand it anyway.

Paulo Franzoni - RockHard 07-08/04 Case Outs have been active since 1979 and have maintained the punk wave that struck there 25 years ago and enchanted them forever. The Ligurian group continues to follow the path of coherence under the understandable changes in the line-up, although the samples have become part of the group, the sound remains powerful and visceral like that of the beginnings.

The social struggle waged by the Outs cases with their anti-militarist texts against the war (expressed in "Colle the Battaglia", the backbone of the economy, and against the obscurantism of religion. One of the most prominent songs is the opener'Two Minutes Hardcore', in which the group plays a nice word game between hardcore and arcore, I can imagine.

Remarkable is the quote to the old GKPs in the song "Facce da Maiali", which traces the history of Italian punk in the 80s. Another piece in the long history of Fall Out that is still proposed as one of the most valid alternatives of the Italian punk scene, consistent and, one could say, true to the line, without compromise.

BCT San Diego - USA 23/02/04 Interview by Chris about BCT San Diego vs. Case Out. 1 ) I can't believe it, but as much as I know your name as a classical 80's Italians punk group, I can't recall if I've ever listened to your soundtrack. You are listed on the Last White Christmas show flier on 4.12.83, but you seem not to have been included, at least not on the bands we got for BCT.

I' ve always asked myself that. 2 ) All I can find from a FALLOUT diskography is the Kill From the Heart page showing an E.P. and the re-release on Fury Italy CD in 1995. This is the only publication of FALLOUT 2) No, it's just our first episode, I think.

Case out recording one 7 " ED (FALL OUT), two records (MONDO CRIMINALE, XENODROME), one 12 " ED (NEUROPA) and now we have just taken AMERICANANTI. 3 ) In which years did the group exist? 3 ) The volume begins 1978/79 with different members. End of 1979 Benzo Marco, vocalist, meets guitarist, Beppe, bassgitarist and two other boys, Alessandro, guitarist, and Graziano, drummer.

Our games are played a great deal in La Spezia and the surrounding area, where we still reside, in Bologna and the surrounding area and in many other cities in Italy, of course in the circle of knee bends. It'?s not long before the bands change: Mondo criminale, then they do Xenodrome, which is taken up with Andrea on the guitar, because Marco temporarily no longer plays with the group.

We then take in Neuropa, which is our most hard work because of the harshness of the sound. Carlo joined the group with the compilation and in 2003 the new americananti was released, again in the grooves of the hard-core traditions. Perhaps with all the demo(s) added to make a complete 60 minutes volume (or a shared volume with another volume) from that time you know?

You can download all our tracks for free from our website. 5 ) Have any other Italians punk bands toured the USA besides RAW POWER 1984, INDIGESTI and ACM 1986? you know about? 7 ) The 80's HC bands in Italy clearly had/have a different kind of tone than the punk part.

In 1986 I asked the boys at CDMC and they said the probable cause was that there was no such thing as hard music for Italy, so punk was a free kind of music without the hard stuff that was there in so many other western states. 7 ) I guess the reply is right, but I would like to say that Italy's word games are the most politically entangled and do not obey fashions or fashions.

Therefore, the musical production here has some characteristics that distinguish it from the musical production of other nations where this participation does not take place. 8 ) T.V.O.R. was one of the best lines I've ever seen, well invested, nice print, large format and practically everything in Italian. Does the great Stiv Valli still remain and does he have an incredible compilation of punk?

10 ) Is there a place where a diskography of the bands from this time can be found? 11 ) How do the old ones get along with the new ones, who are maybe 15 to 25 years old? 12 ) What kind of approach did punk have to punk from all over the whole word at that time?

Have you had any punk records? 12 ) I remember that there was an efficient network of postal communications all over the globe. Well, I happen to know that some Brazilian folks heard about Case Out. 13 ) What happend with most of the punch of that time? Get wed? Career? Forget about punk? Or still get into it?

A punk from Italy hardly deletes, neglects or renounces its past. There will be released around the punk word CD and punk from the past will continue to be re-released Ips. Damn, even the new editions are, but that's the small amount we get when punk isn't commercially. Perhaps people's ears have now developed into increasingly harsh er and harsh tones, and that is an asset to us. 15 ) Are there today images, ribbons and leaflets from this time?

Is it possible for a person to obtain a copy from the web or by making contacts with punchx in Italy today? You could get in touch with some old bands over the web. Are they still dressing like that today? 16 ) What is superfluous is that clothing was ":classic": chipodo (black driver's skin jacket), rivets, dyed fur in impossibly shaped forms.....

but I still say there was a big punk fad between Italy and the whole wide area. But it was and is just a supplement to real punk songs and punk songs. 17 ) What do you think of punk in Italy today in comparison to the old bands of that time?

17 ) I don't see any huge difference, maybe punk in Italy is more interested in punk and less in other areas. Founded in 1979 and the author of incisive works such as Mondo Criminale, Neuropa, Xenodrome and the latest AmericanAnti from 2003, Case Out still lacked a living testimony that could reproduce the atmosphere and energy of their performances on stage on CD (or perhaps DVD).

1 ) 1979-2007, time has passed since the birth of Falle Out and you have gone many stages, why did you decide to make a live record today? Do you think it's more of a report on what the group has done over the years, or a celebration of the current moment of a particular form?

Were there any significant events/changes in the group? 4 ) What do you think remains of the original spirit and attitude of the audience towards a hard-core punk event like TVOR? 5) There is a musical and a non-musical discourse: Certainly we find in the charts groups, songs with typical punk sounds, stopped guitars, 4/4 very fast, but even today those who are really looking for an antagonistic discourse, both in the music and in what they say, and in the way they live, are not easy prey of the record industry, they still bother themselves, they always have the possibility to give voice to a different point of view!

6 ) Always about changes, how do you think the essence of the case Out has changed, if so, over time and through the various works? What connects today's Case Outs with the 1979s and what makes it different? I think this is a clear indication of a precise ideology/thinking related to the world of Case Out: Can you help us understand how we can still implement certain principles in 2007?

10 ) Influences, impurities, what would you specify as an ingredient (musical or not) for the recipe case Out? 10) Punk Hardcore Fantascience Ideal Autogestion Music Want to Play.

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