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I' m co-founder and general manager of the basic live music promotion company Live Circuit. Enter the latest underground portal about events, exhibitions, evenings and live music in Vicenza! underground, rock band, punk, the strokes, cantanti, gang, video. The Rock And Roll testo canzone cantato da Velvet Underground, The: You can feel the variety of the beats and the energy of the different rappers in the grainy, rocky and low-end groove tracks.

Independent & Underground Rock Music

Alternate rock is our motto. For us Underground and Unterurban is not only the concept of independent music, it is to make the world realize that we are there, that even in the dark the passion to bring people back to concerts continues, but also simply to drink a beer in the bands show of your friends.

Like Andy Warhol brought the Velvet Underground into history.

In the mid-sixties, a strange announcement appeared in black and white in New York's "Village Voice," one of the city's many weekly magazines: The winter of 1966 hadn't been very lenient with Andy; his inspiring muse, Edie Sedgwick, had been a regular couple with Bob Dylan for some time, and his followers at the factory severely criticized him by accusing him of being an exploiter and enriching himself behind her back.

It didn't matter that Andy kept repeating that his critically acclaimed movies actually sold little or nothing. So he decided to publish this strange announcement. And during the preparation of the show, Barbara Rubin, Andy's historical friend, told him that the fastest and most direct way to make money is to become a rock act executive and producer.

A bizarre rock act, led by two bizarre types: the first, Welsh, fed only with chicken waste and oatmeal to save money useful for his sound experiments; the second, New Yorker, Bi-ascicava words and chewing gum always had in his mouth. Although he didn't like the name of the group, Andy took her friend's advice.

So when Tony Conrad showed up at the factory with "The Velvet Underground," a novel by journalist Michael Leigh that describes the American sexual undergrowth of the early 1960s, there was no doubt about it. and Andy was willing to bring a piece of history to the world.

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