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ROCK'N'ROLL from Bristol (UK). Anarchy Compra Sex Pistols in British punk rock Johnny Rotten Metal Sign Plaque. On stage two legends of English punk. Find the perfect stock photo of UK Punk.

Anarchy in the United Kingdom', 40 years old, when the Punk Sex Pistols - Musica - Spettacoli

The first time Sex Pistols Anarchy played live in Britain was in the second of two historic city appearances, in the summer of 1976, in the city of Manchester. Here is a list of the most famous cities in the world. But the anarchy in Great Britain was the real turning point, the punk dynamite, with which the pistols destroyed the rules of the music industry forever.

Thus, already in the first verse of the song "I am an antichrist/I am anarchist" two taboos were broken and the pistols had angered their reputation as a socially dangerous bond. in the reproduction.......... The pistols spoke with anger and contempt to a generation without money, without perspectives and without ideals.

Despite everything Emi released, who tried to ride the wave of punk, the single and the sales were reassuring. in reproduction............. On December 1st, the pistols were sent awkwardly as guests on Bill Grundy's Today Show on popular Thames Television regional television: they were supposed to cover a hole left behind by the Queen.

Grundy, with a contemptuous attitude, asked the group to say something monstrous: and they (especially guitarist Steve Jones) did it. The pistols destroyed the career of a well-known TV presenter in one fell swoop and brought their public danger state to the highest level. A lot of medias banned the song and Emi decided to download the group.

The censorship made the pistols an uncontrollable, attractive and frightening phenomenon. According to SAVAGAGE, the band's sound consisted of "broken glasses and rusty razor blades". The punk nightmare finally exploded in 1977, with the pistols always in the front row: God bless the queen became the anthem of this crazy, fast and burning season.

40 year old fa security company la "bomba punk" in Europe

A certain John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten (literally "rotten"), met Steve Jones, singer of a three-year-old band: The Strand. Soon this simple presence became a real collaboration: the Sex Pistols were born. His name was Malcolm McLaren.

McLaren returned to London after a short time in the States as New York Dolls General Managers and had opened a "Fetisch" clothing store, the SEX, where he sold T-shirts, leather jackets and rivets: the punk that exploded overseas came to Europe. This shop soon became a point of reference for the very young Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook: the former beach, then Sex Pistols, of which McLaren was soon to become managers.

The punk revolution that broke out in America insisted on not limiting oneself to SEX T-shirts anymore, but going on stage. 45 rpm: Anarchy in Britain, and punk was born in Europe. It was the first single of the Sex Pistols that immediately showed very clearly in which direction they would go.

A text, since its title, full of energy (and anger), and in fact the production was soon stopped. The piece bore the handwriting of Glen Matlock, while the extremely rough text was written by Johnny Rotten himself. It' the only track that Sex Pistols recorded with EMI, with which they collapsed after just over a month, and then signed to Virgin Records (after a very short passage in A&M), with which they released their first and only session record, no matter how much nonsense, here are the Sex Pistols that contain the same anarchy in the US.

It is also strange that the same Sex Pistols recorded a French version entitled Anarchy pure le U.K. and a Spanish version, Anarchy in the USA.

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