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Translation for 'tuck' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. Many examples of sentences with "tuck" - Italian-English dictionary and search engine for millions of Italian translations. Practical accessory for the rest period: the Tuck multifunctional blanket is covered with a cloak and pillow at the same time, with pockets for the feet. for storage: the translation of the English-Italian Hoepli dictionary. When Tuck was younger, he was Rex's best friend.

The story of Hailey Tuck sounds like a far-fetched script.

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And Adrian hid the paper under his arms. She had some slack flesh around her abdomen, so she went to a plastic surgery for a crease. Divers rolled themselves up into a jetty. Roberto was sharing his stocking with his mates. So Patricia put a jerk in the waist of her pants.

Then the little lad took a seat on the stairs and put his legs in his breast. It was such a short and concise run that I had no clue who would finish the game. This was a real head-to-head racing, until the end I didn't know who would be winning. tuck[sth] away, I've put away some wet overnight cash so eating lunches is my pleasure.

I' ve saved some money for difficult times, so lunch is a real pleasure for me. Hide[sth] away, my dad can sink a whole bacon at one time. My dad can brush a whole piece of pie at once. Put[sth] away, the place is hidden on a privat street.

Put yourself in it before it gets chilly. Get a feel for it before it gets chilly. Put[sth] in, put your blouse in; you look slutty. Dentro la camera Mettiti: tuck dentro la camicia: tuckri drasandato. tuck[sb] in, she was reading the kids a goodnight tale before putting it into her. Reading the kids a good night's tale before plugging them in. tuck-out, tuck' is also to be found in these objects:

Tuck: Italian translation - English dictionary

She put her coat under her cap Racolse i capselli dotto il cappello... 3 (to place it safely) Riborre, Via di Smettere. No. 4 (to put it in a comfortable place) nascondere: The birds put its skull under its wings l'uccello l'nascose la Testa ala. The 5 (to slide in a small room, bag, etc.) anfilare, acciare, meter dental.

Two ( to be warped, contracted) reipiegarsi, reiparsi. to put away etw. *: To be hidden esere nascosto: the cottage was hidden in the center of a wooden la case opera nose in mid a un bisco.

for stowing away * when inserting, stowing away: stow your vest, stow it; stow it * stow the blankets to: stow it in the bedroom, stow the blankets to: reach sqcu; stow it away: To be hidden 1 of ripiegarsi, 2 of coloq (to be eaten with a solid appetite) 1 of l'fare une Scorpacciata.

to penetrate into etw., to make a blowout to penetrate into etw. *on: 1 pleat, pull up; 2 (collect) collect: she has her fur pulled up under her cap, her fur picked up under her cap; 3 (to collect it in a pleat, folds) pleat, pull up: she has her arms pulled up, her arms rolled up; 4 (legs, knees) pleat, pleat; to stow it.

* Above: 1 insert in blankets to close; 2 (ant,colloq) (to suspend ) hanging.

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