Read the full text Trapanarella by Franco Staco from the album Successi. This song is by Franco Staco. And as I went through these difficulties, I sang the Song of the Owl. Keys and BPM for Trapanarella by Franco Staco. Listen for free to Trapanarella from the album "A Campagnola di Gigione" and find the cover, lyrics and similar artists.


And drill, mmiez'a sti guaje, and drill the mother and even the daughter. And as I went through these difficulties, I sang the Song of the Owl. I' m San Gennà, I' m sorry, I' m sorry, I' m sorry, I' m sorry. I' nprèvete,'ncopp' a l'altare maggiore, me nu me nu sa int preecatore, ma quesno dint' a sacrestìa, vò' me l ire p' Avemmaria.

A priest on the main altar seems to me to be a holy preacher, but when he goes into the sacristy, he wants a thousand liras for Hail Mary. They are Italian faces, "and more Mafia só' isiciliane,'and bit' and bruffune sonsongo ' and romane, and'and mmazze' and scope só' isamericane. The harder the faces are, the more Mafia the Sicilians are, the stronger the Romans are, and the less important the Americans are.

3 only the Ingenieur, 'and 'only the bolted' and 'more marijuana are in the modern age'. A wig gle, in der Via de Mille, the Perücke has been put in a wig. and whoever holds a family looks 'and rejects'. A young lady in the Via Mille has put her wig on her hair, and those who are hungry are happy.

Then he goes into the car, cheerfully cheerful, and wants to invest those who walk. I' m San Gennà, I''' my father, I'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''. and I smell macaroni. and I smell potatoes. and I smell potatoes. and I smell'addore d' a friariélle6. it's all more expensive. and I smell frieielli6. it's all more expensive. this misery is rising.

The reason for this name is the similarity of the drilling motion of the instrument when performing spinning operations.

Text of the Trapanarella by Canzoni Napoletane

And, drill,'mmiez'a sti guaje, canto'a cannona d''a Cuccuaja..... I' m San Genná, pènzace do, ca tanto d'''e cacorne ''un se campa caniù! Do you want to make a description, San Genná? There are many Italian faces,'and more Mafia só' Sicilian,'and bit' and bruffune óongo' and Rumane,'andfemmene belle só' naapulitane, and'and mmazze' and scope só' American........

And ''And then''we'll do it just'' the Engineer,''and''we'll do it just'' the bolted ones,' and''and more marioule stann'oeuverno! Genná, cube ca sí... Chili ' Oh sape va a distanci! New lawyer, the'andòrde d''o patho, accepts'o canzone ''mpusumato... po' va dint''a machine, alleo allero, en vò' menu á sitto a chil va apère.....

I' m San Genná, I''''pènzace do, I'''''''ca tanto d''e''mbruoglie'un se campa chiù! l' vaco ne pe'''o wall, e señto'addore d'' e macarune..... My name is Qualiano, a little name is added to the word Patane. My name is Granatiéllo, and my name is ''addore d''e friariélle''. But it''s vacuum add''o turkeyaro, the more expensive.....

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