Traditional Folk Music

Folk music

Traditional Irish music currently has the largest and richest collection of music, musicians and instruments. Côte D'Azur Lounge (selection of fine cocktail music). Trentino traditional folk songs, testimonies of history, culture and values of the mountain people. It was Karen's band playing a lot of music, including some people. Here you will find the perfect archive photo of Breton traditional folk music.

The ARC MUSIC - Farjami Hossein - Traditional Folk Music from Iran

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Folk music - Hossein Farjami - CD

One of the most admired musicians of his homeland, the Iranian Hossein Farjami combines his natural talent with a rigorous discipline, an excellent sensitivity to music and a deep professional ethic. Since his youth, Farjami has been committed to music and over the years has extended his knowledge to all music in the Middle East.

He plays a variety of instruments, especially the oud (lute), a variety of oriental percussions and of course the santoor, which he builds himself to obtain absolutely extraordinary sounds. "Traditional folk music from Iran" is a real jewel for lovers of oriental music and is also the perfect opportunity to appreciate one of the most famous Iranian musicians and the rich variety of traditional instruments of this ancient people.

In addition to the virtuosity of Farjami al santo we can hear the sounds of tars and setars (string instruments), no (flute) and percussion Danbak and Darf. "Traditional folk music from Iran" is a valuable recording that allows the listener to discover a distant world consisting of ancient and evolved cultural and musical traditions.

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