Traditional American Music

American Traditional Music

American music, traditional blues & folk. He began his career with the American Music Club, a folk rock group that anticipated the flow of dark singers, and ended with solo albums. North American Ballads & Songs Traditional American Songs Texts &. Since the end of the 70s he has dedicated himself to traditional American music. One of the first to introduce bluegrass music to Italy.

VERONA - THE REVIEW "WEDNESDAY LIVE" STARTS IN JANUARY 2018: -American music, traditional Blues & Folk

The brewery, known for its careful selection of proposals for bottled and draught beer drinks, presents the "Review" (voice and piano), two leading artists from the bands who share a love of the city of New Orleans. Stories and songs celebrate the city "where everything seems possible", a place with a unique tradition and rich in impurities, determined and increasingly determined to build a cultural bridge between Italy and Louisiana.

The next date is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, when the Old Peppers Jass Band will perform with a proposal firmly linked to the origins of classical music, where, thanks to their repertoire, it will be possible to immerse oneself in the denser and darker atmosphere of Mississippi blue and primary music, and to enjoy the music of the "Old Peppers Jass Band",

from Nick La Rocca to Louis Armstrong, from Jelly Roll Morton to Fats Waller and Bix Beiderbecke, to the funniest and most soothing, typical of marching bands and medical shows, which therefore refer to the giants of the early 20th century. Another inevitable event is Wednesday, March 7th, on the occasion of Women's Day, when Mora & Bronski exposes the scene with its fascinating journey through time and space through iconic songs and songwriters from blues to country and from folk to rock'n'roll with an instinctive impression and intentions, naked, without bells and whistles, with the sole aim of going straight to the heart.

On Wednesday, April 11th, it will be the turn of the Ciosi One Man Band, singer and acoustic guitarist with a deep love for folk, blues and bluegrass music. Plain pick-technique, intense compositional soul and a pronounced sense of melody are the qualities that make his musical expression a dreamy and deep experience, able to reveal hidden islands of thought and secret emotions.

Finally, the final date of the event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9th, where The Fireplaces will put on a show consisting mainly of American style music, root music and skirt with clear influences of blue blood, between popular tradition abroad and UK style invitation offering their own songs as well as traditional American folklore.

Iter Brewery is therefore ready to welcome a passionate public that, in addition to music of great depth, offers tastings combined with an excellent selection of beers, with over 10 brands of prickly beers and over 20 different bottled varieties. A large area dedicated to living sets, where you can listen to great music while enjoying beer or aperitifs.

An event for those who love the music of the roots with all its nuances and want to continue to live it as it used to. "Wednesday Live" is a new project created in collaboration with A-Z Blue, a company that organizes many events throughout Italy and presents them on stage by Iter artists of national importance and beyond.

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