Traditional American Folk Songs

American Traditional Folk Songs

Yellow Rose of Texas Easiest Piano Noten di Traditional American Folk Song, Silvertonalities, edizione SilverTonalities. " Cotton-Eyed Joe" (also known as "Cotton-Eye Joe") is a traditional American country folk song. Folk song for violin and piano: The Contemplator), le site Web des chansons populaires de l'histoire américaine. North American folklore and traditional music.

Piano Sheet Music Pdf di Traditional American Folk Song (eBook)

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House of the rising sun (traditional)

It was the bankruptcy of many a wretched little woman, and I, O God, was one. When I was a young and stupid little woman, a player led me mad. Darling, he's a drunk, sir, living down in New Orleans. You call the rising sun. I' m going back to New Orleans, my race's almost over.

Underneath the sunrise. chemiamano il Sol Levante. Since I am so young and foolish, my lord, I have been misled by a vagabond. My love is a drunkard, sir, sir, sir, he drinks in New Orleans. It's a suitcase and a suitcase. It's when he's drunk.

I' m on my way back to New Orleans, my run's almost over. Under the rising sun.

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