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The Dead Kennedys Jello Biafra, Punk, Dead Kennedys, Portland Oregon, Wave, Scene. Satanic Surfers from Malmö was the fifth band, a great skate-punk band. Sole," which immediately ranks among the top ten best-selling digital albums. Maybe Marvel can stop Thanos, but what if the late big punk band made it? The Ramones didn't need mocha hair to be punk.

? Italian Punk 70's best records (part 1 of 11) | News

Both punk rock and Italy: two terms that - depending on who you are talking to - now seem antithetical, now deeply connected by a common history. Indeed, punk rock (and its subsequent developments, especially hardcore punk) has a very close connection to the Belpaesen and from Italy groups, scenes and situations have emerged that have crossed national borders and found recognition on the world stage - names like Negazione, Raw Power, Indigesti, Kina....

But what was the Italian punk rock of the early days instead, which moved at the same time with the emergence of the phenomenon on the American and British market? SPAGETTI PUNK (and let's take it with affection and sympathy as a definition) is a rather narrow but kaleidoscopic universe in which bands have strong characteristic elements and a very low homologation quotient - so much so that sometimes it may seem that the definition of "punk" for some is at least drawn from the hair.....

but it was a buzzword after all, so it was easy for someone to take it in possession to try to sell some records (this also happened to many foreign artists - think of the beautiful Larry Martin Factory record "Early Dawn) for example, "Early Dawwn Fliers and Electric Children", which was marketed under the punk label even though it was a dim rock work in the early Lou Reed style).

So the first date is diversity: the bands mix the classic punk suggestions (speed, boldness, immediacy) with elements that vary from popular to classic rock, go through experiments and - with those who recorded records for established labels - there was also a patina of sound that was almost dystonic.

Moreover, the most characteristic element of punk produced in Italy was a kind of retardation - to adopt a term from musical jargon - and thus a retardation in relation to the foreign phenomenon: punk rock from 1977-1980 in Italy is a fragmented object in the making and sometimes cannibalised by those who tried to exploit ephemeral fashion (which entered the Italian houses thanks to services such as the historical broadcast of Odeon on 2 October, 4 October 1977 via punk in London);

and let's not underestimate the distrust of the traditional rock scene and the political leaders - who often branded punks as fascists, a very dangerous label in a time of right-left polarization like 1977-1979, Pre-Reflux. In fact, Italian punk is exploding in the aforementioned reflux age, especially in the form of a flourishing punk scene - but that will be the subject of another piece.

If we limit ourselves to the period 1977-1980, the decibels (with a famous soloist by Enrico Ruggeri), the Kandeggina gang (under the direction of Jo Squillo), the Gaznevada, the Chrisma/Krisma, the Kaos rocks, the rats (which later became "Po Valley Indians") are to be mentioned among others, Luti Chroma, Incesti, the first Skiantos (who later made a profit in Crazy Rock), Judas, HitlerSS and Tampax (protagonists of a very rare and highly esteemed split), Take Four Doses, Dirty Action.

But of course they are not all; interested people can learn more with the help of some compilations printed over the years: the classic "Rock 80", "Anthology". 1977-1980 Punk epunk ", "Killed by Death d'Italia", "Proiettili Italy Punk Waves 1977-1987 vol. 0", "Punk at La Scala", "The Great Complotto Pordenone", "Sexy, ipnotico".....

But from theory - which leaves a little time for itself in such situations - we move on to practice, with a selection of 10 important records to get an idea of what Italian punk could mean in the years 1977-1980.

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