Top ten Punk Bands

Punk Bands Top Ten

I' m excited to see and eat a bunch of good food, but I' m especially excited for Punk Rock Raduno. Blogs di recensioni punk hardcore old school. From Brescia, an underrated band that created an experimental post-punk and an excellent new research wave. usica rock, foo fighters, new wave, punk rock, insegnanti. The album should be the first in a row to feature the best OI!

Street punk bands from Europe and Latin America.

2008 in Lugano.

Nextpunk Records, an established independent record label with a presence on stage, presents the 4th edition of the Nextpunk Festivals, the most important event of the scene in Switzerland, which is expected annually by all fans of punk rock and related genres and which, together with local bands on stage, offers world famous groups every year.

On Saturday 3 May, from 17:30 to 1:00, at the Lugano Exhibition Centre, there will be performances by seven bands that will populate the stage of the Nextpunk Festival from punk to kka, satisfying every taste in Ticino. Special Guest, one of the most famous punk groups in the world, the Scottish rock act exploited, who wrote the history of punk, who was active in 1980, activating albums, singles and collections with 22 records, and along with them another historic rock act that was active in 1976, LaSam69, the founders of musicOi!

They were the first punk rock group to reach the British top ten when the single "Hurry Up Harry" from the second record "That's Life" (1978) was among the top ten best-selling singles in Great Britain. For lovers of optimistic music, who are all danced directly from Paris, the Skarface, Sco bands, which have already been appreciated several times in Ticino, for example in the Tiglion in Verscio or in the Palapenzdi Chiasso, where they thanks to their energy reached several thousand people, who were among the best in the world thanks to their energy.

digital composition for Unaware Records

Punk Rock against War", a digital collection organized by Inconsapevole Records to say no to war, has been online for a few days now. The collection consists of 75 bands from all over the world: There is Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Authority Zero, Ten Foot Pole and Italy is well represented with Manges, Leeches, Senzabenza, Dear Dust, Forty Winks etc..

If you go to the band camp side of the Livorno Independent label with 7.50 Euros, take this wonderful collection home with you and all the proceeds will be donated to the Emergency, from a life on the front line, to resist the war.

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