Top ten Punk Albums

The ten best punk albums

In addition, there were many great punk rock bands who never made full albums. Posthumes album of the great British punk band with exclusive new releases! These Groovie Ghoulies Tribute albums and The Apers Tribute albums were great. Clash was a British-British punk band. Yoo-hoo!

DJ Zinhle Aa.vvv. (punk new wave) Punk off!

The Top Ten: the albums that shaped our year 2018.

If 2018, it seems, is to be remembered as the year of the great beginnings (Tirzah, Shame, Nu Guinea, etc.), this English boy should be given a place on the podium. He plays almost everything himself after years of playing for others (at least remember his passage in the slow and loud volume).

A record full of music, made by someone who loves music. He has made Soul Records, pop records, bad records, masterpieces that nobody knows. His latest record is pure pop formalism, somewhere between Steely Dan and old synthesizers, not even old-fashioned. Like my friend who sells music says: an record that doesn't invent anything, yes, but then it's the records that you like to hear.

In 2019, the English electronics manufacturer will be 40 years old. His instrumental swellings, which have reached the fifth record, brought him to the forefront of worldwide electronics production. Or: a twin from There' s a riotin' by Yo La Tengo (another title from 2018, another trip).

But â " and those who have recently seen the bands of Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk at the text Dal Verme in Milan know it already â " here we stand before something else. Iacampo Marco is the author of the finest stripunato and unique Italian disc of 2018. A record every three years for an adult boy who, if he hadn't had as long as a half-yearly reckoning, would define himself â" with all due respect to the case, between thealalalalalala and caresses on the guitar â" a postmodern Fabio Concato or a tropical Mario Venuti.

Feel good with Spirit, trip hop, R&B and the inexorable local dirt phenomenon. It was the group that brought the guitars back into the charts within a year (a little longer time, gone) than the six-string instruments seemed obsolete as teletext. English from Bristol, they enliven the city's long musical tradition with a touch of postal and punk.

At the beginning of the millennium, this English boy with a name that looks like an alliteration founded a group called Factory Floor: Funkpunk and a concept of angular danceability became strong. Years later, Gabe went into business for himself and released a ghostly and retro-futuristic solo work. The title quotin is a narrative means: a celebration of the dark lady, in an record in which the experience of immigration clearly resonates.

His music is packed with everything: the orthodox indie of Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, Xiu Xiu and Beach House; but if you like the blackened and futuristic pop of Janelle Monáe and Santigold, you won't ask for the transfer. Among the âGirls who are playing guitarsâ â" as the latest generation Maxïmo Park â would say (Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus and Company), probably with a broader and bolder musical vision.

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