Top ten Folk Artists

The Top Ten Folk Artists

This is one of the best artists of the new generation of Italian rappers. Rita Botto and Carlo Muratori are two of Sicily's most popular folk singers. Canti Populari", the typical Umbrian folk songs, are peculiar. No better place in Key West than the birthplace of the local and famous folk artist Mario Sanchez. His form is called "rispetto", an old poetic folk tradition.

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In the beautiful surroundings of Terrazza masscagni, right by the sea, surfer Joe offers on Sunday, July 31st, the "Radio Folk Night", three particularly fascinating Indian folk artists and at a very good time, with three recently released albums that had a good influence on audience and critics, and a discreet radio response.

The singer and songwriter Vanessa Peters comes from Texas in a three piece group with Rip Rowan and Daniele Fiaschi, Andrea Carboni in the one man Band version and Luca Faggella with Rip SOCIALE (Greta Merli and Elisa Arcamone). The record has a point of pride for the Italian audience: the brilliant presence of Daniele Fiaschi, Roman guitarist (collaboration with Diodato and Daniele Silvestri), as well as other Texan musicians, including Joe.

All this is accompanied by a fresh and lively musicality, brilliant compositions, diverse and heterogeneous rhythms, this is the balanced mixture that Peters and her instrumentalists can also recreate during live performances. The presence of her husband, musician and producer Rip Rowan, who plays both drums and keyboard, in the group has recently led the American singer-songwriter on electro-pop paths.

Peters was recently nominated "Best Folk Artist" by the Dallas Observer and continues to perform in the USA and Europe, where she has a good following thanks to the albums recorded with her former Italian group " Ice Cream on Mondays". With the TRIO SOCIALE, begleitet von Greta "MeryGrey" Merli (chit. Electric, and bow, stompbox and choirs ) und Elisa Arcamone (vocals, bass, chit. Acoustics, microkorg and percussion), präsentiert Luca Faggella sein neues Discography "Album".

Among the new songs, with the lively "Settantasette" and the delicate "Hourglasses", composed and sung together with Suz, the celebrated single (and movie by Luca Dal Canto), "Tempo". Between folk, postpunk and flashes of pop and pop, with the beautiful voice of Elisa Arcamone and the powerful, creative guitar of Greta Merli, the TRIO SOCIALE makes life "Anthology" fun, intense and communicative.

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