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Foo top 10 underrated fighter songs

With twenty years of career on their shoulders allowing the Foo Fighters to celebrate with packed houses around the world and various celebrations, this important milestone allows us to create a play list with the most underrated songs of Dave Grohl's group. One - and only one - track for each release between albums, lives and greatest songs.

We deliberately avoided the B-sides and covers engraved in the studios, material that undoubtedly deserved a separate article. The song takes its name from a well-known chain of quick foods in Virginia, the birthplace of Dave Grohl. Musically it is a successful mixture of the ministry's industry madness and a 80s hard-core punk.

The result is the most aggressive track on the band's debut album, a real blow to the stomach. An infectious piece that clings to you like a chewing gum, perhaps punished by the inclusion in the Arkinote The Colour and the Shape, peppered with songs like Everlong, My Hero and Monkeywrench, authentic milestones that have made it the puck symbol of the group.

A twilight electroacoustic ballad, Dave Grohl's favorite piece, inserted into a successful half plate. One of the best moments in the song writing of Grohl, who manages to create a melodic jewel, which is steeped in melancholy, with a then reduced to three elements group. The One By One is a hard record that was recorded rough and alive.

It has little to do with the general atmosphere of the album and is perhaps punished for this reason. A moving acoustic ballad that may not stand out on the second CD (the In Your Honor unplugged) because it is very similar to the others. The original version of Ain't It The Life, very simple, was not particularly successful, while this acoustic interpretation, included on the live album ''Skin & Bones'', underlines its fragility.

It enchants the crystalline performances of the whole group. Honestly, I think Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is the least successful album of the group, although there were some great singles from there that still stand out on the band's leaders, like The Pretender and Long Road To Ruin. But Honestly is a fresh composition that manages to combine the acoustic soul of the group in the first part with the brand new impetus of rocks.

There are other songs in Washt Light that have become famous, while Back & Forth has remained in a strange limbus that is limited to the second side of the album, which is less convincing; it certainly deserves a better fate. We''ll finish this summary with the last song of the band's last album, which is not so much underestimated by the fans, but by the live act which unfortunately only suggested it a few times.

For me I Am A River is the best piece of the Foo Fighters, just like Alone + Easy Target.

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