Top Punk Rock Albums

Punk Rock Albums

They play for themselves and practically mix post-punk, punk and alto rock, which recently precedes the new album "First Ditch Effort" which will be released in October. Punk Rockers, Ramones, Greatest Hits. Second Youth is a punk/rock band with Italian and English origins. "Foot" is the first album of The Glan, an Italian indie rock band with breath.

Punkrock searches 10 albums

Since the 1970s, punk rock has had a very significant influence on music, culture and fashion around the world. The term punk has found its way into the common vocabulary, as have the clothing and hairstyles associated with this subculture. Furthermore, punk rock is a synonym for committed, politically oriented, systemophobic and iconoclastic music.

Today we want to present in Monkey a musical way to discover the main albums of this genre. The following ranking is intended primarily for those of you who are unfamiliar with the genre and need a suitable guide to explore it. Therefore, the titles we present will be very canonical, and the ranking will be done taking into account the impact and influence of each albums and not their individual qualitative value.

The phenomenon was born in 1977, as a form of break with the earlier styles of rock music, which are now outdated and inefficient. In the following decades punk rock developed into the most different forms and was interpreted in the most different ways.


Rolling Stone magazine has compiled a list of the 40 most beautiful and important punk albums in history. If you can say that punk was born as a need for simplicity that is as brutal as it is immediate, and that the Ramones are the "fathers" of punk rock, it's not just them.

There are so many forerunners of this genre that although it had no name at the time, they were still punk rock in their hearts! Stooges, Patti Smith, Pere Ubu.... and Rolling Stone it says: "We didn't even get too excited about the old question of what punk really is" because punk is in it, even if the music doesn't respect those cannons.

Stripping: Buskers - Album

The Buskers are five guys from Brescia, who are active since 2010 and play Punkrock. Fast rhythms, sometimes obsessive, sharp voices, much volumes and too much campaigning characterize the composition of the group. After a first work of the same name in 2014 and many concerts The Buskers start to think about a new album.

"TRONCO ", the second record sample of the Brescian band, will be released on March 24, 2017 by La M.U.O.R.I. Dischi (digital distributor Author First, physical distributor Sel, promoter IndieBox Music), expected by the video clip of the first single extracted "FIATO" (from March 10 on Facebook and Youtube "Tronco" is a sincere record, with raw and angry sounds, with catchy and hammering choirs.

Rebellion, openness and derision; anger, sincerity and a good portion of nice irony; taking a critical and quick look at the joys and pains of everyday life; revealing a new version of the group, more introspective and, although seemingly carefree, even more thoughtful than what was recorded with the debut 2014.

Tronco " consists of ten tracks, plus a spirit song, abrasive and with an overwhelming sound, energetic, without technical frills, with ironic and personal lyrics, melodically irresistible, asking to be sung at the top of the lungs to exorcise the umpteenth twisted day. The cover of "Tronco" is by AZAI Image, Andrea Ziliani and Alessandro Inverardi, to whom the group also entrusted the direction of the video clip for the first single "Fiato".

What or who are The Buskers after all? Just... five superheroes sent to Earth to save punk rock from the threat of extinction. On the other hand, as the opening piece of "Tronco" in the opening piece of "Denmark" says: "We are beautiful, we are real, we are full of strength". Credentials: recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by The Buskers and Gabriele Simoni at the "M.U.O.R.I. Studios" in Manerba del Garda (BS).

The street artists. Work of art: AZAI - Andrea Ziliani and Alessandro Inverardi. Label: La M.U.O.R.I. Dischi. Digitally Distribution: Artist First Digital. The buskers are Michele Tagliani - Voice, Andrea Bortolotti - Guitar and Choirs, Gabriele Paganini - Guitar and Choirs, Alberto Zane - Bass and Choirs, Paolo F. Mayer - Drums.

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