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Love all these bands except the upper left cuz idk who they are. -Ristampa per uno dei top del punk canadese! An sound con le radici rockabilly che si colora di blues,country,punk. You will find the best exclusive or personal craftsmanship in our pavement shops. It is twenty years since the feminist punk movement made its mark.

May God protect the queen: girls who rescue the punk from the punk.

2014 was an important year for punk. And the most promising work came from bands that were composed or with female leaders. Perfect Pussy, led by Meredith Graves, have released their debut Say Yes To Love, a chaotic and brutally honest work. And Childbirth Group embraced the audacious sense of punk humor with I only Found You as a Joke.

"Mark 2014 as the year in which women tore down the house of male punk and put a beautiful middle finger in his place," wrote Anika Pyle, singer of the punk group Chuumped. Punk hadn't existed in the generalstream for decades, and how could it? The music industry has become too brilliant to allow elements of real punk to emerge.

He was the one who came closest to the honest brutality of punk, but for decades punk has been a low interest, kept alive and developed outside the charts, succeeding only with the most eccentric bands. But why is punk coming back into fashion then, and why are most of the responsible bands captains or consist exclusively of women? "A punk scene in which women are present in all sectors and at all levels questions the very essence of a patriarchal society - as well as the presence of under-represented groups like LGBTQ and blacks.

To achieve the current state of affairs, it is necessary to reinforce the voices of those who have been silenced, who shake the sexist, homophobic and racist foundations that are a deadly burden to American society," says Alice Bag, director of one of Los Angeles' first successful punk bands, The Bugs.

Punk is really more than just music. The punk's battle cry, today even more intense comes from the people who fight against injustice. And in 2015 there will be frustrating skepticism, because the male punk scene does not yet seem to see any female musicians on the same level.

For Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, it's not a place where women can prove themselves, but a problem that men themselves should solve: "I've been kicking my ass for more than a decade to be considered at the same level. I could keep losing my nails and yet I wouldn't convince 90% of punk machismoists that I deserve to be treated as something other than curiosity.

The urge for change can no longer be transferred to women. "Women were seen as a rarity in punk from the beginning. Bag remembers the first days: "I felt liberated. I felt it was a time when punk was open to reinterpretation, anything that wasn't mainlystream and creative and innovative could be called punk.

I felt myself powerful, strong and sexless on the stage. Other women appeared in the midst of a crowd of male musicians. These women have contributed incredibly much to the history of punk and their work has been recognized, but is almost always compared to that of other women in punk.

Their work could and should be compared to that of men. This consideration is not yet employed 30 years after the birth of punk, which is still a place for men. The bands with female members are still categorized, and the music industry sees it as progress. When Megan Seling spoke with Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman about the lack of female punk bands in the program, she pointed to the stage of Shiragirl, the women's bands fest.

When asked what they think about the controversial label "Women's Band", which many musicians disagree with, Mr Greves replies: "It is hateful when these classifications are used by men. "It'?s totally inappropriate for female musicians to be considered separately, especially today. Many of the most promising bands are women, but that's not why they are successful, it's the strength of their music.

Many of these bands do not intend to start a feminist war, but in the spirit of punk they play in situations that need to be improved. "I don't make deliberate statements about my genre, and my music certainly doesn't want to prove anything to men who want to corner me," Graves explains.

Despite all the criticism, will a group like Perfect Pussy still be compared to a group like The Slits just because they are both women bands? Many authors begin to talk about these bands only as mere participants in the punk scene. Pitchfork's "11 Very Best Punk Songs of 2014" and Billboard's "Top 10 New Pop Punk Bands" jump from male to female groups back and forth without any focus on sex.

"Hear the White Lung, hear the Slutever, hear all these bands and you'll have a feeling for how exciting the punk just exploded: they're real, fresh and good.

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