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Wholesale top punk albums from Lotti top punk albums at low cost, buy from reliable top punk albums wholesaler. This is the best album ever made, according to the kids on South Park. The Viet Cong, an album by Viet Cong. More ideas about music, album covers, album covers, album covers. The new album immediately entered the TOP on iTunes - AC/DC in the new album pays homage to Malcolm Young.

Low budgets and a lot of hurry: 43 years ago the first record of Rayones.

A record that perhaps few believed in, at least in the beginning. Quickly registered, she did not immediately find a positive response from insiders. It is 43 years since the Ramones released their first and eponymous album: it was April 23, 1976, the label was Sire Records. It was recorded in the same way as the early works of bands like the Beatles and Cream, i.e. with the guitar on one channel and the bass on the other, while the drums were recorded on both channels.

Because of this feature, the album did not receive much response from the US radios' DJs and only reached the 111th position on the U.S. Album Chart. The four wear knee-length, rusty denim, worn sneakers, black leather jackets and all have long hair (Johnny and Dee Dee on their helmets), in a strange mix of punk and metal clothing that will influence the group's fans and beyond.

In 2003 the record was ranked 33rd on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of 500 best albums as well as 4th on Mojo Top 50 Punk Albums Magazine's list.

The top 10 most important albums in rock history | YouTube Wiki

DE: IT: The top 10 most important albums in the history of rock is a clip uploaded to This is the ranking of the 10 most important albums in the history of skirt. As mentioned at the beginning of the videos, the ranking excludes many important names in early skirt and Blues, such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly or Robert Johnson, as they are better known for their singles than for LPs.

Below are the top 10 of the best albums in the history of rock according to WatchMojo: As on most WatchMojo charts, the clip features some albums that didn't make it into the charts and that are listed as honourable mentions: Master Of Puppets, Metallica, Thrash Metal (1986); Rose Against The Machine, Rose Against The Machine, Rose Against The Machine, Alternate Metal for 1992; Appetite For Destruction, Guns N' Roses, Hard Rock for 1987; Express On Main (1987); Appetite On Destruction, Guns N' Roses, Harder rock for 1987; Express On Main (1987),

Rolling Stones, Blue rock (1972); Horses, Patti Smith, Punk rock (1975); Borne To Run, Bruce Springsteen, pop Rock (1975). It was a good success and reached almost 2 million visitors.

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