Top 50 Punk Albums

The 50 Best Punk Albums

Here is the latest ranking that just came out of stereo rubber from Product Shop Nyc: the best 50 albums with punk music:. New 45 for Total Punk and their first LP (Outgoing)! Album Punk", while in 2003 the album landed at number 3 in the ranking "Top 50 Punk Albums", compiled by Mojo Magazine. Post punk straightforward and clean thanks to the attention to their own sound. 4th place in the ranking of the magazine Mojo Top 50 Punk Albums.

Cross the Red Sea with the ads

The debut album of the English punk group The Adverts, Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts, was released on British records[2] in 1978. "In its own way, the album is synonymous with the debut of Clash and Sex Pistols, [...] and captures an exciting moment"[3] In March 2003, Mojo Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts ranked 17th in its Top 50 Punk Album Ranking[4].

With The Adverts on the Red Sea, Followed on 10 December 2009. Hardcore & Punk (1976 - 1984): 100 key albums, in Mucchio Extra, Stemax Coop, #17 Spring 2005. The ads, Followed on 10 December 2009. Bonustracks, Followed on 10 December 2009.

Crediti, Followed on 10 December 2009.

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It was also a good year for independent music, perhaps a little less than the previous two years, but undoubtedly the past year was also a great year, a real river full of sounds and good vibrations. This time it was even more difficult to set the record of the year, because any of the first 10 or 20 or maybe even 50 could have won the first place without taking anything away from anyone.

In the end he got better against "Heartless" Californian Bestial Mouths, who has always been one of my favourite bands. Surely it is not an easy job and also not a record that you will find in the playlists at the end of the year of the most popular sites, webzines or others. The same applies to the whole "ranking": All these albums have (almost) nothing to do with the prevailingstream, the music with big numbers and the consumption in the super market.

Darkthrone, Mission, Wire, Savages & Poker Alerts. In the end I said that the Bestial Mouths of Los Angeles came out with their original, exciting and stinging sound mix of electronics, post-punk, heavy duty sound, heavy duty sound, No No No No Water, No No No No Water, No No No No, and a thousand other restless shadows. Grand musical rachiusa in a big discotheque.

For the rest, you'll find a series of great post-punk records (Ritual Howls, You. Frustration, dark blue, death index, male gaze, end gods, Pretty Hurts...and most of these 120), great punk (zeitgeist, the return of the legendary discharge, Sick Crap, Sunshine Ward, Nancy, Rotten UK, the old British masters Sub...).

It was also the year of the rebirth of the Pixies, finally with a record that corresponds to their fame. Even the Mission has produced a record that will not go unnoticed, including the stainless Iggy Pop and the precious sound promise of the unforgettable White Duke. For most of these recordings I have also made (pseudo) reviews in various forms (traditional, accumulative, small, mini and small ) on the pages of this blogs, if you want you can read them again.

Otherwise, what's best, look for the records, data or CDs and listen to them: it's definitely worth it (I think and hope).

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