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Published on June 30, 2017 12:34 AM 35 Best Rock Bands From Italy. together to discuss the previews, promote our event in many Italian cities and celebrate the big punk rock bands! The Daft Punk is one of the most influential musical acts of the last 20 years. Kunst, Disconnect Records, Far Channel Records, 20 Chords Records. 66.

829 Punk, Metal, Indie, HXC & Ska items included!

Peawees, the La Spezia vinyl rock and punk sound celebrates 20 years of career with Joshua.

Thanks to five albums and several singles released during their career, the Peawees - a historic La Spezia group - have become a reference point for the international rock and pop scene. And after more than 20 years on the street they surprise again and again with their very personal style, a mixture of Rock & Rock, R&B, garage, Soul and Punkrock.

They played throughout Europe and the United States, sharing the stage with legends like Sonics, Damned, Dictators, Radio Birdman and Midgets. Peawees are back with a new album: "Moving Target", 10 songs inspired by Phil Spector's Klang Wand, sixties women bands, Sonics' grooves and Clash's eclecticism.

After 6 albums, of which the last Double Decker 2018 and hundreds of concerts in Europe and a US concert scheduled for May, it is impossible to remain indifferent and not to regard them as one of the best European bands of the last 10 years. They breathe and radiate glam rock, which was much appreciated in the seventies in the worst pubs in England, where T.Rex, Slade, David Bowie and Gary Glitter were the soundtracks for adventure and combat.


Shortly afterwards he left the group and Russu reinvented himself as a drummer for some time. In January 2002 the drummer Ringhio joined the group and released his first CD together with the label P.O.T.A. Records. Some tracks appear in the Sana record, Dave record, Agitato record, Sub Rock record and in the special Punk of March 2002 of Rock Sound Scambio d'energia is included in the CD-Sampler in the appendix of the magazine.

In February 2003, the group shot the first video clip presented on Rock Tv Database. On this occasion the group shot a new video clip, Penombra, which was in rotation for some time on Rock TV. They are featured in the monthly magazines Rock Sound and Die Presse as well as on various webzines and continue to play around.

On Christmas Day 2005 Ringhio leaves the group and starts playing with Pablo in the V-Power Team. In July 2009 Russu founded the DIY Bigred label, under which future works will be released. With Ringhio on drums and Pablo on second guitar and choirs, the group enters the recording room for the new album: It's a return to the future.

The video clip of the unique piece Sai Perché? directed by Stefano Bertelli, will be used for about 3 months in rotation on the newborn Deejay-TV (ex All Music). In November, December and January the bands will be back on Rock Sound with an interview and a review. In December 2012 the group celebrates their 15th anniversary and releases a new album Sempre al Top (Bigred/Leparc) with the participation of Daniel, the first guitarist, on guitar.

The new video clip Mille per ora, directed by Andrea Bignami, has been released. A track from the new album, J, is included in the collection entitled Sound of the Streets for Gaza, which will be released shortly and the proceeds of which will go to the non-profit association "DIMA". In September 2015 the group sees the entrance to the second guitar of Ventu instead of Pablo.

The current line-up consists of Russu (guitar and vocals), Cresta (bass), Ringhio (drums and choirs), Ventu (guitar and choirs). Punkreas, Ten Foot Pole, Los Fastidios, The Fire, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Bugo, Pozac+, Pornoriviste, Shandon, Terrorgruppe, Peter Punk, Moravagine, Derozer, PAY, Skruigners, class criminals en masse!

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