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The Midweek Top Ten single list was released in Great Britain. Comes with a beautiful 20-page coloured booklet. Home/ Products with the keyword "Punk Rock". 20. - BLAH BLAH BLAH, Turin + Guests.

The Good The Bad And The Zugly are currently the best punk rock band in the world.

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They proved this especially with this record, the masterpiece of the pop-punk genre, which offers a sweetened version of the original, catchy punk rock for the general public. It may seem like a bad thing, but without these compromises punkrock would probably never have found its place in the contemporary music scene.

So Dookie is the most modern form of punk skirt that meets the needs of a mass fan community and a media like MTV.

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Jigsaw Punks - Pipeline: 24 Smash Hits from 24 Jigsaw Punk Bands (CD, Album)

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Raduno Sabato Punk

Once upon a time, a few years ago, when the queers played regularly, once a year, near your house: I remember that I even dared to think: "This time I'm confused, I think I'm going to jump". and then... 5 long years of waiting, where a sleeve that was heard by a group made the eyes sparkle and the longing aroused.... until Saturday night! The waiting is over, the fucking ladies are coming back!!!!!!!!!!

Instead I hear the 20 belows and the K7s (Kurt Baker von Leftlovers' project with Spanish musicians): I don't know the songs, but both groups make a good impression on me, especially the 20 below that have a good fan base under the stage. Meanwhile Andrea Rock stands with his acoustic guitar in a side speaker, which plays for charity pieces of different bands (Rancid, Pennywise, Social Distortion), e.g. human jukebox.

I know there was controversy about her participation in the meeting: I didn't hear her group, but only the fact that she was there to play and bang is there, applause for Andrea and his family! Between a beer and a sandwich I only hear the other bands (Patsy's Ratten and the Canadian Steve Adamyk Bands who, after all I hear, know how to do that) and then it's time for Araya and the impossible.

In the last few months I've heard the Milanese a few times, but that's a completely different story: Araya is always full, it doesn't change anything in front of 20 or 200 people, but it's been a long time since there was such a full audience! We start (as always) with Delayed and are immediately delirious; a Poker bursts like never before at the Punk Rally.

The ladder is always the same as in the looting of Impossimania: Girl at 9000 Volt, Stefy is a punk, Tumor Sick, Brenda Hate and then of course Blue Dogs, On the seat with you, Straight edge Hate, Rock and Rock robots. The audience, mostly from old punks who followed Araya and his staff from the beginning, returns as teenagers and throws themselves under the stage as if there was no tomorrow: fantastic!

Pé i Qeers is préannuncia un devasto total! Maybe I say it big, but for me the impossible are the real Italian queers: they go immediately, ladder with old pieces, in use for 20 years, desire to play without tails! Now Ecco Joe the King has given a Caso to Altri: the damnQeers are here!

As soon as Tamara is shot, nobody stands still anymore: dust, blows, inflatable bouncy castles on their heads, stages divings of old punk rocker peeled (great Attilio Lombardo!), for an hour and a half, as if time had stood still. Fuck yes, there is much more: thrown out of the webolos, killing in Brazil Beach Home, Tulu is a wimp, noodle brains, outside freezing..... and now barrel and powder and more fucking rubber dinghies on the head!

It' the only moment of rest: It's back at 1000 per hour with Granola Head, Love Love Love Love Love, Noodle Bain, Monster Zero, Hi Mama, it's me... on the covers of Cindy's on Methadone I literally go into ecstasy! Until CJ Ramone goes on stage, he takes the bass and leads us into the world of the brothers with KKK, Sheena and a legendary Oh oh oh, I really like them that way.

This place is shit, punk skirt girl, grace! Fuck guys: It's been a while since I came out of a concert, so says Fuck, so sweaty and completely covered with dust... but with a big spruce smile on my face. There' s little to say: Saturday I only heard bands that deserved it.... but the quesers are something else!

Joe has grown older and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner.

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