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The 20 best punk albums

The same one we heard on the first punk rock records in 1977. Twenty m.o.t.o.

Kill moto 2002. The Punk Goes compilation series with the best and up-and-coming rock bands covering top 40 hits. They have been doing it for over 20 years and have produced countless bands in Italy. The 25 greatest punk albums ever!

Exploited is a British punk band that was founded in 1979[3] on the initiative of front man and singer Wattie Buchan. Their genre has touched various styles of punk rock: the early days of punk has become a pollution of heavily metallic music[4]. They were indeed among the first British groups of hard-core musicians to show a certain affinity with hard metals, anticipating the birth of punk music.

The line-up currently consists of the only permanent member Wattie Buchan, Robbie Davidson on guitar, Irish Bob on bass and Willie Buchan, Wattie's brother, on drums. The group was founded in 1979 by Wattie Buchan in the East Kilbride district of Glasgow[3]. The first official line-up of exploited consisted of Big John Duncan on guitar, Dru Stix (Andrew Campbell) on drums, Gary McCormack on bass and Terry Buchan on vocals.

After a very short time Terry loses interest in the group and is replaced by his older brother Wattie Buchan (Walter Buchan). Inspired by the punkrock bands of the first wave (Sex Pistols, The Clash[5], The Damned), the quartet extremized their concepts and created a simple and simple sound, characterized by a high speed and sound aggressiveness.

In 1980, the group founded their own label, the Exploited Record Company, and immediately released the first EP Army Life, which was ranked sixth in the independent bands ranking and stayed there for 8 weeks[6] and remained in the top 20 for 18 months. After Army Life comes another single, Barmy Army, which ranks in the independent rankings and stays there for 53 weeks, with a climax in fourth place.

In the same year the guitarist Steve was replaced by Big John Duncan, one of the most important members in the history of Exploited, and Mark Patrizio and Jimbo by Gary MacCormack and Dru Stix. In 1981 the group signed with Secret Records, shortly after the release of the third single Dogs of War, which was number 2 on the independent charts and number 63 on the national charts for a month.

On Stage', the band's first full-length record, was recorded during a concert in Edinburgh[7]. All of this led to the creation of Punk's Not Dead[8], their debut record released in 1981. Celebrated as the new Never Mind the Bollocks[9], it turned out to be a good commercial success, having been number 20 in the national charts for three months, number one in the independent charts for 44 weeks and selling 150,000 copies[10].

Albums with strongly politicized themes and with reference to anarchist ideologies, it starts against war, capitalism, religion and above all the system and is directed primarily at the British and American governments[11]. The songs of the group, like Army Life, Barmy Army and I Believe In Anarchy, are performed as well as new songs like Cop Cars and Sex & Violence, with Mucky Pup, the Puncture covers.

After the founding of Punk's Not Dead, Wattie gave an interview in which he supported his punk movement idea[12]: After that, the Scottish group took part in a trip called "Apocalypse Now"[17] together with Discharge[13], Anti-Nowhere League[14], Anti-Pasti[15] and Chron Gen[16]. It was during this action that Exploited became known not only for her music, but also for her controversial attitudes, in which front man Buchan showed his violent side, insulted the public and incited the riot.

This attitude led the group to a series of controversies triggered by British conservative society and created a series of problems with the law by waging a real war with the forces of public order, and the members of the group often had experience in prison[17]. However, transgression and breaking out of the box brings popularity and explosive became more and more popular as a result.

Subsequently, the single Dead Cities was released, which received the approval of punk audiences; the single also went to the Top of the Pops, which will receive several complaints, despite this, the next day, Top Of The Pops, the album sold 15,000 copies[18], also in first place in the independent rankings and number 31 national.

Given the discreet popularity the group, Exploited, collected in a concert at Rainbow in Finsbury Park (London) during their Dead Cities tour of Europe, are supported by the Black Flag[19] (then at the beginning), the concert ends with a brawl by exploited against a mod[17]. Subsequently, a splitting with the Appetizers, Don't Let'em GRind You Down, who is at the top of the independent rankings and 70 in the national rankings, will be released.

Wattsie Buchan in concert. Attack/Alternative was released on April 29, 1982, and the single took fifth place in the independent ranking[without source] and fifty place in the British ranking[20]. In 1982 the group released another classic record, the Troops of Tomorrow[21], which reached 17th place in the British charts[22]. Soon thereafter, a new single, Computer's Don't Blunder, appears, taking fifth place in the independent ranking and remaining in the top 20 national singles [without source] for 10 weeks.

From this moment on explited begins to gain more and more fame, also because in these years punk begins its descending phase, which gives more and more space to the great "pioneers" of hardcore. In 1983 a new single was released on Pax Records, named Records Leader Records, which remained number 11 on the independent charts for 15 weeks.

At this moment Willie Buchan, Watties brother, joins the group several times and leaves it and then becomes a full member, currently Willie is still a member of the group since 1997. Karl Morris and Billy Dunn joined him and replaced Gary MacCormack and Big John Duncan, who left the group after three years of intense activity and participated in many projects, as well as in Nirvana[23].

Shortly afterwards the Exploited created with the new formation a third politicized album, Let's Start a War[ 24], a real indictment against the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who fought for her attitude to the Falkland Island War. After the release of the record work, the group resumed the activity live and still showed bad and unheard, declared war on the law and brought chaos to every one of their concerts.

They started a big England touring for clubs and pubs that would end in 1984 in London's Rainbow. Because of their bad behaviour the Scottish groups saw the suppression of some of their dates (e.g. in the Netherlands)[17], this happened to many punk bands, the Sex Pistols, for example many of their concerts were cancelled because of their "small exemplary" behaviour[25].

Shortly after the release of the new record, Billy Dunn is replaced by Wayne Tyas. In 1985, before the release of Jesus is death, "Deptford" John Armitage, ex UK Subs and ex Combat 84, joined the group together with Mike instead of Karl Morris. In the early 1980s, death kennedys[26] entered the game in Great Britain and then fought between the leaders of death kennedys and explited, Jello Biafra and Wattie Buchan.

First Jello says that there is no decent group in Britain, which is very annoying for Wattie, who insults Biafra and calls him a "dirty liar", Biafra replies that the exploiters and the police are the same. The song USA is only dedicated to Dead Kennedys and also the song I Mate You ( I Mate You ) seems to be written for Jello Biafra, also before the start of the song, Wattie dedicates the song Biafra and insults him, there is another rumour that there was a dispute between the two groups and the drummer of Dead Kennedys, D.H. Peligro, was injured[27].

With this last record, explited heavymetal elements have been recorded into their style, making their sounds angrier and moving them towards punk metal[4]. After the 80s, the 90s turned out to be a relatively bad time for the group, partly because of the continuous line-up changes that ruined continuity, with only Buchan being the original member.

In terms of recording, the group only released a few albums (The Massacre[32] in 1990 and beat the bastards[33] in 1996) before the release of the single Don't blame Me, as well as a handful of collections and a few live albums. Willie Buchan. After a decline in favor of the group in the 90's, their popularity with the new punk generation has increased after their "commercialization" and a rediscovery of the 80's Sounds.

The group' s importance and contribution to the punk scene has been recognised by the experienced audience and fans in general. Inside this record, the group finds the hardcore that is now lost with the release of Death Before Dishonour, with a record with fast and hard rhythms, lyrics against the government and against the system (Fuck the System).

Since the release of their last record, they have been giving concerts all over the world; there have also been a few stops in Italy, at which time the group is involved in the new 2008 touring and is also working on a new one. During this time the group signed a contract with a new record company, Hamburg Records.

In fact, after his experience in British military service, Buchan was against the army: in songs like Army Life, S.P.G., Alternative, Boys in Blue or Dog's of War, he heavily criticized the police and even the British government and the United States were not exempt from criticism, but often he sent anarchistic news in songs that had become famous as I Believe in Anarchy or Law for the Rich.

Punk?s Not Dead?s first record is still considered a masterpiece of hardcore punk and punk rock in general of all time[39] with songs like Punk?s Not Dead, Cop Cars and Exploited Barmy Army, a tribute anthem to the group?s fans. Ago Buchan calls both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini contemptible in songs like 40 Odd Years.

Rumors also speak of Buchan's alleged friendship with Ian Stuart Donaldson, the late head of the Skrewdriver [42] Nazis punk group, who expressed many concerns about the political ideologies of the exploiters. Over the years explited have changed in different styles of punk music. It starts with the hardcore punk of Punk's Not Dead[8], with fast rhythms, essential sounds and some political references, in this case to anarchy.

With the release of Let's Start a War[24] and Horror Epics[28] (1983 and 1985), the group leaves the hardcore that they had in Troops of Tomorrow to get some darker tones, the rhythm is less fast and the guitar less aggressive. Three years after the release of Death Before Dishonour, The Massacre[32], 1990, this was a break for the group, as the continuous line-up changes had upset the balance in which, unlike in the 80s, when the group released virtually one record per year, the 90s were much less productive.

However, The Massacre, although not much appreciated by the fans, marks a kind of turning point, the group returns to play hard-core, this time much more powerful, harder and with the fastest rhythms, doesn't give up the thrash finally, because in 1996 the group releases beat the bastards[33], an record with a different tone than the previous ones, the group mixes the fast and essential rhythm of hard-core punk with the hard and powerful sounds of heavy metals,

so that the record can be considered both punk band and thrust, the group has since the release of The Massacre begun a rise to create a different genre than all the others, with the release of Fuck the System[34], an record with a very powerful tone, very fast rhythms and equally fast guitars.

In many respects Exploited are inspired by Sex Pistols, from a musical point of view Punk's Not Dead is very reminiscent of the classic style of Sex Pistols, also Wattie Buchan as Sid Vicious, wore clothes with the swastika and the Celtic cross for provocation. A lot of hard-core punk groups take the example of explited as style and ideas, among them we find hard-core punk groups The Casualties[37][38] and Total Chaos[35].

There have been several formation changes by the guys from Exploited (24 members have left the band), the only member present since the formation of the group in 1979 is front man singer Wattie Buchan, the undisputed head of the group. Explited Record Company was founded in 1980 by Explited. The group needed a record company to release their albums, as only a few companies were interested in the group.

In 1980, Wattie Buchan, singer of the group, decided to set up his own record company together with the other members in order to publish their works. Die Exploited Record Company ha pubblicato per wil bleed tri-singos, Army Life, Barmy Army et Computer Don't Blunder, inieme a un albums Split con wil blei Anti-Pasti, Don't Let'em Grind You Down, wil un albums Livig, On Stage.

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