Top 10 Punk Songs

The 10 best Punk songs

10 best Garage Punk songs from the end. Tattooed on my heart" the best of the first 10 years of the hystorical Antifa Oi! Four songs of what they define Black Surf Punk. Ten songs of post-punk or maybe post-hardcore. "In their primitive two-chord structures, most songs can hardly be distinguished from each other.

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The 10 best punk rock songs from my point of view. Comment by expressing your opinion, and above all, what you would have put on and what you have deducted. It will help us enhance your advertising experiences. If you do, we will try not to show you such notices. That article is.... It will help us enhance your advertising experiences.

If you do, we will try not to show you such notices. That article is.... It will help us enhance your advertising experiences. If you do, we will try not to show you such notices. That article is.... It will help us enhance your advertising experiences. If you do, we will try not to show you such notices.

That article is.... It will help us enhance your advertising experiences. If you do, we will try not to show you such notices. That article is.... It will help us enhance your advertising experiences. If you do, we will try not to show you such notices. That article is....

May 17 and 18 The history of SKA and PUNK in the laboratory. CREASH di Bologna

"The 24th VIVA LA REVOLUTION Fest" The 24th edition of the Ska Festival Bologna @ Lab CRASH returns with great bands, the last of the season before the reopening in autumn, called "Viva La Revolution Fest" on this occasion, will be seen on the stage of the Lab. Crash! an absolute premiere on Friday 17 May, represented by the appearance of the historic ska 2tone by THE BEAT Ranking Roger, for the first time in Italy, which will share the stage with cinema by Arpioni and NH3.

While on Saturday, May 18th, the usual room for punk music will be open with the performance as mainliner of the historic and popular English punk group THE ADICTS, accompanied by the best punk road group, the Romans GIUDA, at the opening. From the beginning, the group offered messages of hope and peace, with an overview of socio-political issues that later, together with The Specials, are the forerunners of the entire Ska-2-Tone movement.

The song is a fusion of music styles like ska, punk, pop, soul and reggae. Other successful singles included on the first record are'mirror in the bathroom','can't get utesed toosing You', 'Hands Off .... she's mine' and 'Best Friend', and with such songs it was easy to understand why The Beat would become one of the most popular live bands in the UK.

Thanks to the tremendous success of the US radios, The Beat have a good fan base in the States, so they have taken part in world tours with some of the greatest artists like The Clash, The Police, REM, Speaking Heads, The Pretenders and of course The Specials.

The thousands of people who sang together with the group on the march to nuclear disarmament testify to the enormous following and the great non-musical success the group had in Britain. After 3 bestselling albums of golds and PGs worldwide with I Just Cant Stop It', Wh'appen' and Spezial Beat Servic' - the musical fluidity of rhythm and opening, delivered in their explosive style that encompasses all live shows, they have reached hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, conveying positivity and freedom not only through their music, but also through their action and genuine commitment to social causes.

Almost in response to their fame and the disbelief of many, the group split, with rankings Roger and Dave Wakeling forming the public, while Mickey Billingham of Dexys Midnight Runners and Andy Cox and David Steele Fine brought Young Cannibals together. Roger briefly joined Mick Jones' post-clash group Big Audio Dynamite and injected his vocal style of toasting, which remains his trademark to this day.

With Dave Wakeling's voice in the USA from the other line-up, Ranking Roger returns alongside Roger Everett Morton, and with Ranking Jr. and Mickey Billingham they return to their deepest roots, with rhythms, a wall of sound that transcends time, and an unshakeable devotion to true unity and love that the future has not yet written...The Beat...they're back!

CINEMA ( by Arpioni ) athletic contest the Askers - Cinema, is the past musician of the most known oroben ska stripe, the Harpoons. For more than twenty years Arpioni have been writing the history of Italian and European ska: four records, hymns, which have made clubs and social centres all over Italy dance, songs on the air and a stance of life that has led them to accompany artists such as Laurel Aitken and Toniono Carotone on stages large and small (from pubs lost in the fog of the Po Valley festival bar).

Kino, the front man of this group, is one of the most fundamental and charismatic ion interpreters of this beautiful history of Italian music, a true event of musically outward appearance, characterized by its anticlericalism, that has led him to ignite the worst taverns in the trunk... Determined to return to old love, Jamaican music, finds in Askers, a skaorf-like formation active since 1998, the ideal travel companion for this new project.

Cinema The Askers is a happy and powerful combination that underlines the singer's theatrical spirit with the great energy of the accompanying group. Cinema means the Askers is more than a concert: the show is built like a real Jamaican party, with a background group ( "The Askers") presenting their pieces and then moving on to the background rock that hosts the singer in the revival of the historical successes of the Harpoons (from "Ma mi" to "A dishonest story").

Nine years of NH3 history, an underlying record released in 2009, a continuous evolution and growth on stage and on the street playing around the trunk. 2011 marks a turning point on the way of the Pesaro based group, which is wearing a completely new dress after a spring in the studios.

So we come to the essence of things and from "AMMONIAKA" the volume develops to "NH3?". With a clear reference to the chemical formulation of ammonia, the group aims at the essence of kka score music with a more amplified and aggressive tone and lyrics that make you jump and have fun while reflecting and acting.

ADIKTEN, who are active in their Ipswich in Suffolk, although with different names and styles, already in the second half of the 70s, are Adikte still today in circulation and in excellent form (and is the absolute record for longevity in punk rock) with the same basic quartet of origin:

However, their name began to make itself known to the general public in the early 1980s, when the group, which became unmistakable by looking at the musicians' "Mechanical Orange" while the singer was manipulated by Joker, released his debut LP "Songs of Praise" in the musical environment, which was followed by further successful albums, the attempt to expand the consensus by a contract with a major (the father), and the temporary takeover of simple acronyms and greater effect, such as Fun Adicts and ADXX, as well as the temporary takeover of AD

Unlike most contemporary groups after their interest in punk had faded, the Adicts didn't retreat, but continued to play live and record, enriching the sounds with new elements and staying true to a dynamic and never stereotypical punk'n'roll where invasion and irony go hand in hand.

JUDGES Born from the ashes of the revered taxi, the groundbreaking Roman punk group of the last ten years, the Judas 2011 debuted with the amazing Racey Roller, released by US label Dead Beat in just 3 months and sell out. Recorded entirely in the style of the instruments of the 70s, Racey Roller was welcomed as one of the most successful albums of 2011 and one of the most surprising Italian works of recent years, capable of attracting the attention and enthusiasm of the most influential international magazines such as MOJO and cult magazines such as Shindig! and Maximum Rock' n' Roll, which is very rare.

Among their enthusiastic supporters from all over Europe who follow the group to the scream of "I'm A Giuda Fan" (scream even on T-shirts, jackets and stickers), there are even those who have dedicated a song to him with the comprehensive title "Giuda We Love You". Because the Judas are able to generate an enthusiasm and energy of rocks and rolls that hasn't been heard in decades.

After appearances in Madrid, Paris, London and the participation in the Punk & Disorderly in Berlin with an exciting concert, the quintet travels in Rome to the United States for a 10 date concert with the Punk Festivals 2000 tonnes of TNT with historical groups like Fear, Nowhere League, Infa Riot.

Their sound is the result of the perfect fusion between the English glue between the big names of the early 70's like Slade, The Sweet and T-Rex, the glue junk shop of smaller groups like Hector and Jook, the rockaussie of Vanda and Young and the rock/punk pub of the first Cock Sparrer and Slaughter And The Dogs.

Sincere, captivating, totally rocky and rolling, the Judas are Lorenzo (guitar), Tenda (voice) Danilo (bass) Michele (guitar) Daniele (drums). The group was founded in 1981 as a natural result of the alchemy that in those years was created by the phenomenal energies of the boys and girls who animated the Roman skins and punk scene and gathered under the banner of the "100celle City Rocker" who came from all quarters and chose Centocelle (and especially Piazza Gerani) as the symbol and home of the purest and most innovative antagonistic spirit of those years.

After many vinyl auditions, after many evenings spent discussing, planning and strumming, they decide to found the group with roots that sink into punk new-wave Anglo Saxon music. First and foremost, The Crash were their inspiring band: both for the expressed sounds, as well as for the social content of their lyrics and for their strong cultural impact that has influenced an entire generation.

Over the years, the band's style, a mixture of skirt, shka, reggae, r'n'r and healthy punk contamination, has gradually evolved to become more personal and mature. After years of demotapes, concerts, compilations, a tragic event occurred: in July 1999 Paolo Cavallotti, her historical bassist, disappeared from the game.

Despite the hard blow, the group gathered together and continued their activity, firmly anchoring the principles that had shaped the group up to that point. In January 2000 the first record of the group " In Rammino " was finally released on the label Iktius Record. Dedicated to Paolo, the record has a good level, with some songs that from here will mark the musical and lyrical path of the group () "Il Coro", "Non ha senso", "Terzavia", "In Cammino").

In the following years, the compactness, awareness and living activity of the group grew, and contacts and relationships with historical (and not historical) battle skirt bands referring to the evergreen klashische tradition were intensified. In February 2004 Linea opened the concert in the Gang of the Severini Brothers, an important piece in the history of Italian rocking, and presented several tracks prepared for the new record in the kit.

On the wave of this emotional and creative vitality, the band's new album, "Frontiera", will be released in November 2004, a mature, well-discussed work that consolidates and expands the band's combat-rock matrix and their natural disposition to propose different genres with a clearly defined personality. On " Fronttiera ", pieces appear which become real " Hymne " for the Linea live: " Ossigeno ", " Gaz ", " Jack Daniel's Midnight ", " Same Mothers ", " Fronttiera ", " Temporaneo ".

They appear on the CD, which is packed with the song "Police & Thieves" for this occasion. In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 many more shows, many of them in Emilia, together with groups like Banda Bassotti, The Movement, Danish historians Stiff Little Fingers, Gang, Los Fastidios, Malavida, Radio Brixton, Clampdown, Stab, Crooks, Rappresaglia.

In 2006 Federico Bratovich, a second guitarist of Çlashiano D. C., joined the group. Unfortunately the group left the historic percussionist Claudio Sitta at the end of 2007, followed by Fulvio "Devil" Pinto, who has been a regular guest of the "giro Linea" for several years now. In March 2008 Linea released their third record "Terra Libera" on the label Business Low Cost Company.

Musically and lyrically the volume continues to grow. Tick-tock combined skirt, 12 songs with a strong personality, which as usual lie between kka, reggae, punk and skirt, supported by an inspired melodic vein and mature and concise lyrics. The criticism is excellent, several songs are immediately noticed by the audience and belong permanently to the repertoire of the group: the shka of the condemnation of "Black Dogs" and "The only right thing", the angry punk of "Light on the Site", the powerful skirt of "Space"......

The " DIRECT IS NOT MY CHING " and the " BLINDATI e CONTENTI ", the tribute to the " INFO@reggaesoundsystem " soundsystems, the rock'n'roll shot of " Red Wild Rocking blues ", the rocker of " Terra Libera ", dedicated to the Sicilian boys who cultivate the land robbed of the mafia, represent a really important record for the group.

Many concerts will follow the publication of a work that will enable you to consider Linea today as one of the best realities of the national campaign. 2009 (the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the band) began with a winter trip to the south and a major concert at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool on the back of Los Mondo Bongo, a British superband (Mike Peters, singer for Alarm, but also the former Mescaleros Peablo Cook and Smiley) who pay tribute to the life and music of Joe Strummer.

In 2010 the singer Mauro Zaccuri leaves the group after 20 years of stages, albums and concerts. Always able to write great lyrics and sing on difficult themes without ever falling into the banal, co-founder of the group, Mauro decided to remove himself from the Linea family for reasons and personal commitments that were difficult to reconcile with the life of a group over time: a difficult and painful decision that, however, will not affect the relationship with the rest of the group with which Mauro will continue to collaborate and with which there is an inextricable connection.

The Linea, who is always "on the road" with their energetic Combat Rock and is now busy writing the songs that will compose the new record, have set themselves the goal of replacing Mauro with dignity, and welcome with affection and respect the "old" fellow traveller and welcome Roberto "Roby" Larghi, former voice of historians and highly respected ATARASSIA GROP.

Linea didn't have to look too far to find a new singer: For robby, who has been following the group for years and with his ATARASSIA GROP often shared stages, beers and a lot of passion and appreciation, it was an easy and immediate decision to start this new adventure as singer of Linea.

All you have to do is get to know them live: beyond every more or less important or clarifying word, it is the stage that has to show the value of a group. At I Linea you will find a short message, this LINE show marks the debut on stage of Fabio'pheb' Formenti already' with the Street'n'Roll group The Wetdogs instead of Roberto 'Robi' Larghi .... high in the hearts.

From the capital comes a group that can't be renamed (he made his first steps in 2004), but which officially debuts with the first work by Raged Records. Grand Theft Age is a quintet of members of old and new Capitolinian bands, ranging from Punk/hc (Duap, beer fight) to Ska (Shots In The Dark), who fit perfectly into the Roma world.

Songs that are sung (screamed!) in English, in which the group travels to the beaten rhythms of the old-school American hc, without too many influences, with the exception of pissed off street punk. Amidst all this there is a musically strange collaboration with a hip-hop group ( Jagermasterz ) in the song My life (half in Italian).

This is a group for those who like to break their bones under the stage!

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