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The punk rock music scene in Italy began to develop on the peninsula in the second half of the 70s of the 20th century. Bologna: dalla Italian Records alla Attack Punk; 1. 2 Pordenone: These 3 buddies are one of the most exciting bands from Italy" - Beat in Bones 2018. No.

1 on KDVS Radio (USA) TOP 10. Remember the first family of American punk with the Ramones Eagle Fabric Poster logo.

<font color="#ffff00">I 50 migliori albums pop-punk (10-1)

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong declared war on punk in a 2016 TV game. Oh be punk, o non lo be". From the big losers of the 70's (Buzzcocks, Undertones) to the 80's hard-core heroes (Misfits, Descendents) to the hitmakers of the 90's (Green Day, Blink-182) and beyond, punk bands have always shown great writing skills besides their anti-authoritarian position.

And the punk's emphasis on speed, conciseness and simplicity of the three chords naturally goes hand in hand with the basic values of Pop. Over the years, what we know today as punk has changed rapidly and evolved with time and fashion. Like New Wave and Collegiate rock, great acts like shka, rapp, emo and even boys and boys have been incorporated into the mixture, but one thing has remained constant: punk is for boys, or at least for those who still feel youthful.

She is in OC and One Tree Hill, the teen suap operas of contemporary skirt. The first traces of extraordinary groups like Blink-182, Simple Plan, Sum-41 and, yes, Green Day always spoke of a blocked development, a persistent desire never to grow. "The whole spectrum of human experience, all the desire and insecurity, are perfectly summarized in these formative years," wrote Amanda Petrusich of the New Yorker in 2016 about the power of youthful emotions thinking about the return of Blink-182.

"That'?s where pop-punk lives. To celebrate this long-lasting and popular movement, we count the fifty best pop-punk albums in history. From Buzzcocks to the 5 seconds of summer, here's the new punk canon. For some, hardcore was just social commentary or emotional catharsis, but Misfit's front man Glenn Danzig was just trying to have a good time.

"More people like the group now, but we're still misunderstood, especially by politicized punks," the New Jersey-born singer told the 1983 Flesh and Bloodanzine. "Some people turn to music as if they were saying, "What can punk rock do to strengthen my political ideas?" and we are more like "okay, let's have fun instead".

If that was the band's goal, Danzig and his partners didn't quite achieve it in walking among us, an album that mixed aggressive three-bar riffs, bubblegum hop hooks (complete with whoa-oh chorus) and lyrics full of B-movie terror images and red-stomaque violence. At least ten years were missing at the height of punk when Misfits split up in 1983, but the band's influence is evident: no respectable bands in the genre have one or three covers of Walk- Among Us in their repertoire.

"We can play almost any misfit piece," said Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio at the Dallas Observer. "I love mizfits, but it's not quantum physics." H.S. Although most punk fans are women (51 percent of the Warped Tour audience are girls), the genre has always been a choice dimension for complacent boys who are often anxious to blame a swarm that doesn't return the feeling.

But Paramore's emergence helped to stretch the scales elsewhere: front woman Hayley Williams expanded the boundaries of how a pop-punk show could be played. He remains a milestone of his time, not only because he brought a new female energy to punk (which is also urgently needed), but also because his songs were simply better than most of what Paramore's contemporaries produced in masses and just as lovingly.

M. S. In 1997, Pop Punk fans were largely allergic to the idea of contracts with majors, but Blink-182 believed in their mass potential before the rest of the world did. Bassist Mark Hoppus wrote "Dammit," the loser's anthem that brought the record to life after playing with an acoustic guitar missing two strings.

But the juvenile allusions of the record often hid true pathos: "Dick Lips" is a sensitive ode to a teenage dick ("Remember I'm a kid/I don't know what I did"), "Josie" is a sweet song about a caring girl who finds a Burrito. The disarming combination of humour and raw popular acumen has helped Dude Ranch get the platinum record and pave the way for Blinks future super celebrity.

However, the group has never lost the wise attitude shown here. "We' re like Fisher-Price: My First Punk Band." M. S. Although he left his biggest commercial footprint in the eighties, part of Billy Idol's best work can be found in the London punk group Generation X's 1978 debut of the same name.

"This new direction has taken us out of old punk and allowed us to maintain its aggressiveness and attitude while exploring musically more complex emotions and feelings. During this time they explored the terrain halfway between popping love stories and punk aggressions with a series of small, horny flashes of melodic tension (and by the way, one of their best songs ever, "What Do I Get?" lasts two minutes and 52 seconds, for most cf).

Although the Mankunian band, which formed after the Sex Pistols concert, released a series of brilliant records, none of them featured the Going Steady single collection, which individually traces the origins of punk and influenced various artists from offspring to fine young cannibals.

K.G. The 2000s saw Green Day and Blink-182 grow and grow and popular punk became ubiquitous, soundtracking teenage movies and filling arenas. The album, which began as a demonstration, helped to consolidate the future of Fall Out Boy before their second LP took them to unimaginable heights of rock success.

"Up to this point in the band's history, we were just a hobby before we bowed to the pressures of real life," singer Patrick Stump wrote in a contribution to the album's tenth anniversary. B.S. Think of Milo Goes to College as a big blast style pop-punk nerd's revenge.

The brilliant fan-friend front man Milo Aukerman gave the group not only their characteristic melodic brilliance, but also their enchanting, strange image. Although the group proved their expertise in the field and played together with Black Flag, shameless nonsense like "Weinerschnitzel" and "I Like Food" made it clear that they had no patience with the punk agony studied at the table.

True to the title of their album, Aukerman set the group aside to continue his studies - before returning to the starry sky of Everything Sucks in the mid-90s and staying in alternative phases ever since - but the characteristic stupid and kitschy mix of Milo Goes to College would become the line-up for the pop punk as we know it.

"You were like Beach Boys Punk Rock," he said to SiriusXM Mark Hoppus. "All the punk that I had heard before was really angry and political and screamed and it wasn't really for me... I really liked the melody and harmony of the descendants; you could sing with us. H.S. "The group really wanted a big one.

"So on the third record, Rocket to Russia, we started to use more overdubs, almost to make the sound softer. Behind the electric saw guitars, the torn bluebloods, the scaffold collo rhythms and the frustrated "I don't want" the Ramones have always been a deeppop band, fans of vocal groups like the Shangri-Las, the Ronettes and the Crystals. What a surprise!

Surely it was more quantifiable as it contained her only three songs that were included in the Billboard Hot 100: "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", "Rockaway Beach" and her Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance?" covers. "We really found our way with this record.

Blink-182 offered a new generation all the hooks of teen hop without its softness, and even bright white uniforms for the Backstreet Boys in the Enema of the State's outstanding single "All the Small Things" videotape. The album Enema defined Blink-182's success formula: nose singing, tormentale choirs, the iron drums of the then new recruit Travis Barker and a lot of teenage poetry combined with adult skepticism.

"the dark "Adam's Song" to suicide - echoed clearly with the record, which has been sold more than four million times only by the United States. M. S. In a fairly natural way, a group whose name symbolizes a day with the smoking of sticks cannot help but perfect the disillusionment of youth by producing mega-hits on their debut on Mallorca's masturbation ("Longview"), fear ("Basket Case") and suburban abandonment ("Welcome to Paradise").

Green Day's third record is a pop-punk punch in the stomach that perfectly combines bomb-proof melodies with a vengeful and violent mentality. We knew we were about to enter an arena full of bands we didn't like. Dookie''s first pop-punk record proved that the "pop" part of the subgenre was quite possible, partly because it was an record that spoke directly to teenagers: both the real ones and people who had never left that time of their lives.

The record brought to light a new generation of punks that made the genre appear younger and more accessible than ever before.

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