Top 10 Pop Punk Bands

Pop-Punk-Bands Top 10

Five evenings to support our festival and to deceive the expectation of the top event of the summer. That'?s Thursday, PUNK #2: Pop-Punk from Spain (K7s) + Goonies? TenMag18:00Mad in Ska (France) Spazio Bianco live in Eterotopia. Well, I hear so little pop punk.

Umm, my favorite punk songs are.


One day (like yesterday, November 25th) a volume that I won't name because it doesn't deserve your opinion, on the contrary, I changed my opinion, I quote it, I mark it and I also put the links to the tape because I'm enlarging my opinion and I become Mega Ricca... Well, one day (like yesterday) my dreams published on YouTube a tape in which they let you listen to the 10 pop-punk songs that you really need to hear.

The problem is that their list is this: a list of things that we all heard and felt, that we all heard sickness even if our favorite genre is blacked out dealhmetal; even if our favorite group is Emma Marrone; even if we have the Latin rhythm en la soangre.

The K7s on the road in Italy

So let's meet to discuss the previews, promote our event in many Italian cities and celebrate the big punk-bands. Do you have a Vi paciacciono airbag? The Rimpiangete i Depressing Claim, o i The Leftovers?! Then get ready for the new ALL-STAR American-Spanish House Stardumb Records group, the K7s. Jose (Airbag) et Kurt Baker (The Leftovers, Kurt Baker Band).

Old school pop punk, accompanied every day by locals and bands recognized by Raduno!

Grüner Tag: Rock In Rome 2013 opens June 5th

Four years after their last European concert GREEN DAY announce their return to Italy with four concerts (Milan, Trieste, Rome and Bologna). The group of Billie Joe Armstrong and his teammates will be in Rome on June 5th, an immense opportunity to see and live the "power" of the world's greatest punk group.

"is the sequel to "21ST Century Breakdown", the Grammy Award 2010 winning best pop record by Grammy. All Time Low, the famous American pop-punk group " born " among the school benches in Baltimore, began with the covers of punk rock groups such as Blink 182 and New Found Glory, who in a short time composed their own songs and the debut record "The Party Scene".

Between pop hints and clear punk riffs they soon shaped the American music scene and in 2009 the successful album Nothing Personal was released, which was praised by music critics who saw these young people not only as the usual young pop-punk group, but also as respectable musicians.

2012 marks a new change of direction with the band's return to the independent label that followed them from the beginning (the renowned Hopeless Records) and the release of their fifth album Don't Panic: a return to the origins of melodic key and alternate punk music. 2013 is the year of the "POSTEPAY IN ROME ROCK", the capital's big summer party, one of the most anticipated in Europe and world famous:

The Killers (June 11, Stereophonics supporter); Toto (June 21); Korn (June 25); Iggy&The Stooges (July 4); Gazzè (July 5, Chile + Ilaria Graziano&Francesco Forni + Iotatòla supporter); Rammstein (July 9, Dj Joe Letz supporter); Arctic Monkeys (July 10, Miles Kane and The Vaccines supporter); Bruce Springsteen (July 11);

Mark Knopfler (13 luglio); The Smashing Pumpkins (14 luglio, support Mark Lanegan, beware of the dark); Atom For Peace (16 luglio, support Owiny Sigoma Band); SKA-P (18 luglio, support); Sugar ( July 24th); Daniele Silvestri ( July 25th); Neil Young&Crazy Horses ( July 26th, Supporting Devendra Banhart); Sigur Ròs ( July 28th); Blur ( July 29th).

POSTEPAY ROCK IN ROME" is a production of BASE S.r.l.

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