Tommy Dorsey Trombonology

Posaunology Tommy Dorsey

The Miles Davis - Musica - Trombone - Tommy Dorsey Trombonology Manifesto Jazz, Miles Davis, Musica, Trombone. Manifesto Jazz, Miles Davis, Musica, Trombone. Deep Night Consulta di Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra; Rudy Vallee; Charlie Henderson (audio), e crea la tua biblioteca personale!

<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents Tommy Dorsey trombonology by Walter Fantozzi.

Tromboneology (Tommy Dorsey) " Wind Band Sheet Music

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Chartitalia's Blog: The Return of the Trombones

Of course the television times are strange, flattened out to the rhythms and school times. And with the return to class, even on television, we find the old team after three long months of vacation. And this week's Woche sind sie alle abgeschnitten: BallarĂ², Port to port, Eight and a half, Year zero, The island of the famous.....

And with the return to class, the usual trombones, whether state or not: the ferrara fetecchia, the "Giovin" Letta, the accountant Tremonti, the Butterato Vespa, the Maroni Leegaiolo, the inaudible Prodi, the apprentice Floris, the epileptic Mentana. And there they are with their small theatres, with the legacy of Pavarotti, with the little treasures, with the supposed shoulder straps, with the taxes to be put into words, with the demonisation of Grillo.

D Probation, probation, probation, probation, probation.....

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