Tommy Dorsey Trombone

Thommy Dorsey Trombone

"What influenced me the most was the way Tommy Dorsey played the trombone. Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey (trombone). From left to right: John Kirby (bass), Bobby Sherwood (trumpet), Tommy Dorsey (trombone) and Coleman Hawkins. The trombone is an aerophonic musical instrument of the brass family. The instrument was sung by jazz musicians like Tommy Dorsey.

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The trombone is a wind instrument that belongs to the brass family. This vibration is then amplified by the instrument and produces a timbre that can be very sweet and soft, but also decisive and concise. The trombone can "pull" (has a drawstring, or a portable pump, which allows you to produce all the tones and overtones by pushing the drawstring or "pull" back and forth) or "piston" (has three keys, which produce the different sounds and overtones).

Born in 1400, the instrument was considered to be the most complete of the mouthpiece instruments as it could play all chromatic scales thanks to the cord. The trombone has the possibility to change its natural timbre by inserting a mute into the bell. There is also the possibility of inserting a damper box called MUTA, which was specially developed for studying in an apartment or hospital.

The trombone that you normally start playing with is the tenor trombone, but there are other types that are in other keys or that allow you to make sounds higher or lower: the trombone drums, alto, bass trombone and contrabass trombone. Related instruments (with the same mouth) are the baritone flugelhorn or euphonium (Czardas, solo bombardino) and the lower trombone.

The trombone is a very multifaceted instrument, it is used in classical orchestras, American big bands, swing- orchestras as well as in light music, shka, radio, military and bandmusic, dance music, contemporary music and skirt. The versatility of this instrument and its versatility make the trombone a tool for anyone who wants to get closer to the world of music.

The air emission is very natural and among the wind instruments is one of the cheapest. Music of the camera and the trombone ensemble: jazzy and dintorni: rock:

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