Tommy Dorsey Stardust

Thommy Dorsey Stardust

Lyrics from Tommy Dorsey's song Stardust. Now my consolation lies in the stardust of a song. Text song Stardust - Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey: Star Dust, then with time Stardust. ''Stardust e'' consegnata all' immortal''.

Thommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra - Stardust (Cassette, Compilation, Remastered)

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Produced and sold by BMG Music, New York, N.Y.

Stardust, Regina daelle cannzoni

The " queen " of songs, in my opinion. Their roots lie in such a fascinating epoch of music history that a whole book is needed to describe them, and many CDs to enjoy their beauty. And the author, Hoagy Carmichael, says that it was Bix's music for which he had boundless admiration that inspired him.

He is on the Indiana University Bloomington campus when he starts thinking about the reason he's trying to whistle, and then rushes to the keyboard to write the notes. It was 1927 and shortly afterwards Hoagy recorded it in the legendary Gennet, a historic record label. But it takes a second genius to become the queen of songs, and here she comes on stage two years later, Mitchell Parish, who writes the lyrics so poetically and at the same time so lightly that a basic content of the song is guaranteed.

"Sometimes I ask myself: Why do I spend my lonely night dreaming of a song? / The melody haunts my fantasy/ and I'm back with you/ when our love was just born...". Starfleet Dust, Popin' Coke Speed Stardust. The song is based on an average time, but a year later, 1930, a third character, the conductor Isham Jones, comes along, slowing down time and making it a sentimental piece: Stardust is given to immortality.

One would lose the list of all musicians and singers who have played it until today, the network speaks of 1500 recordings, the album of the 20th century. But it is enough to try to include at least twenty different interpretations in a single CD to create a song that can be heard endlessly and without exaggeration.

But the queen of the performances of this ladies song is for me that of the author of the music Hoagy Carmichael, singing and playing the keyboard, and in particular a version in which he sets certain accents. And so it seems close to him, with his inevitable hat, as the movie theater in "Junger Mann mit dem Horn" has shown us, when he tries out the keyboard and brings the notes before him onto the score.

He made Stardust a song about a timeless love song.

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