Tommy Dorsey Songs List

Thommy Dorsey Songs List

Here is a list of songs with artists: Frances Langford, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. Blocked stock and run / Life Me No questions / Life is so strange / High One The List. The Bing Crosby (vc) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. A list of songs written by Altman and listed as ASCAP.

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list of songs

CDJazzBlue Notes RecordsCDP746537220016 13,00Freddie Hubbard, Flute; Sam Rivers, Tenorsax, Sopransax, Cymbal, Solo Sharp and Flutes; Andrew Hill, Keyboard; Richard Davis, Basso; Joe Chambers, Percussion; and B.

But the presence of a track like "Good Times", a smash in all international and industry charts, has actually put it on the value scale of discos & soundtrack. And Edwards' bassline - jumping on a touch, then climbs - turned out to be too fast for just one track.

The cover is really beautiful and shows a scene that "takes place" on the front and back of the same and continues in the wine bag. XX Secolo LP Cover" (Edizioni Electa, Antonio Gaudino) features this statement: "For this cover of Chic's third record, Ken Ambrose makes a black-and-white, sepia-turned picture that seems to have been recorded in a salon of other times.

Everyone has a guilty look, and maybe it's up to the person looking at the cover to be an investigator and find out which of the four killed the pianist. The back shows the probably first scene. Thommy Dorsey? The environment is the same, the characters too, but only 2 of them are dressed like on the cover.

CreamGoodbyeLPRockPolydorSLPHMD/18420358305319696? 55,00Italian press 1969 on vinyl, smooth hinged cover, red label with black lettering and white top emblem of Rev olydor Polish. Released in March 1969 in England after ''wheels of fire'' and before ''live cream'', it reached number 2 in the English ranking and number 1 in the USA.

rhythmically and strongly distorted, it was something never heard before that finds further confirmation in the progressives of " Politician " and " Top of the World " blue tunes, the first track on page 2, which is suitable instead for the other songs recorded in the recording room, contains the legendary " badge ". written together with George Harrison, who probably also appears on the rhythm guitar in the piece under the guise of Angelo Misterioso, "Doing That Scrapyard Thing" and "What a Bringdown", a true masterpiece that makes this "Goodbye" an unforgettable event in the history of 60s skirt.

PurpleMade Purplede deep in JapanLPRockPurple3C1549391619807 110,00ALBUM POPPIO EDIZIONE EMI ITALIANA EDIZIONE SECCONDA ? Emerson Lake & PalmerElpLockIsland RecordsILPS1913219716? 24,00Italian first title issue 1971, light unlaminated cardboard cover, front and back, 'Pink Rim'' label, with pink border and bottom island. It was published in England before''tarkus'' in November 1970 and has reached number 4 in the British ranking and number 18 in the United States.

Emerson's first record, which has few precedents in so-called "Art Rock" on Emerson's keyboards, gives the beautiful melodies of Greg Lake an archaic and mysterious note like in "Lucky Man", while the strange rhythms of Carl Palmer, see "Three Fates" and "Tank" have been imitated by thousands of drummers around the world.

emerson, pond & palmerTarkusLockIsland RecordsILPS19155197113 24,00Italian print, heavy cardboard flap cover cover Distribuzione Ricordi, label Insel rose edge Palmenlogo - label with rose edge, lower Palme and six golden rays above the white background. on the top title albums, under title list, manufacturer name, copyrights, right page references with initial letters "Side" in capital letters, catalogue under page references, published during the year with (p),''stereo'' on the left side hole, 1971 published in England after''emerson Lake & palmer'' and before ''pictures at an exhibition'', reached the first place of the English charts and the number nine of these uses.

based on the struggle of the mechanical armadillo against the Mantikor, a mythical animal that will give its name to its label, the LP was actually born from a series of fragments of individual members rather than the will of a group, the first page being taken up by the 21-minute Tarkus suites, which compete with the genesis of Supper's Willy and the Yes of Closer to the Edge.

"The first of the first honey tonk Far-West interpretations that Emerson will be accustomed to in the future, "Jeremy Bender" will become famous at least in Italy with "Honky Tonky Train Blues": On the CD there are neither ballads nor concessions to jazzy, more complex works of the first record, but not yet mature in the group spirit, as it will be the case with Brain Salad Surgery, Tarkus should be counted among the basic works of the English progressives.

Emerson, Lake & PalmerTrilogyLPRockIsland RecordsILPS1918619729 24,00Italian press, labelinsel rose edge Palmenlogo with'' (p) Insel 1972'' -Label with rose edge, rose bottom and six golden rays above the white background. Top title record, part list tracks, maker's name, copyrights, right - catalogue, indication A/B-side, smooth flap cover - big letter'' I'' with address'' Iceland Records ltd".

in july 1972 in england in front of the "brain salary surgery" and after the "pictures at a exhibition", which landed on number 2 of the british charts and on number 5 of the u.s.a.. the fourth record, which was last on the isle before the birth of their label was " from the beginning on ", first place of the british charts from 1972, and their best-selling single.

new chapter after the first record with the distorted bass sound and the church organ, the Poprock and at the same time experimental references of Tarkus and the revision of the classical music of Fictures at an exhibition, Trilogy is by far her most mature record, here the sounds become less violent and provocative,

Let's not forget the fundamental contribution to this album made by recording technician Eddie Offord, genius of the studio's alchemy, who reached his creative climax in 1972, delivering a clear and full sound that contributes to the band's success both in complex audio systems and in radios. More than 30 years after its release, Trilogy is confirmed as one of the jewels of the classical period of the supertrium and one of the essential episodes of British progress in old age.

At the Soul Station Hank MobleySoul StationCDJazzBlue Note RecordsCDP746528219906 11,00Most of the time missed, perhaps because he wasn't a great innovator in the field of music, but just an outstanding interpreter, Hank Mobley was at the height of his strength at the Soul Station.

Recording with a superb star band such as Art Blakey on percussion, Paul Chambers on bass and Wynton Kelly on pianos, it was the first record since Mobley's 1955 début that presented him as a leading artist without any additional accompaniment at all. In addition, two meticulously selected standard songs, "Remember" and "If I Should Loose You", help to strengthen this sense by looking back at the classical days of classical music.

Coltrane John QuartetCreationLPJazzBlue ParrotAR7003 90,00A very seldom U.k Blue Parrott press release of this classical record from February 23rd, 1964 in San Francisco and April 2nd, 1965 in New York City with John Coltrane alongside McCoy Tyner, James Garrison & Elvin Jones. MayallJazz John Fusion BluesLPBluesPolydor2391032L19727 24,00Made in Italy 1972, smooth cardboard cover on back, red label with black top and ''Stereo 33'' in horizontal box right.

Released in Great Britain in May 1972 after "memories" and before "moving on", it reached number 64 in the United States and not in the British charts. The 14th album was recorded life on two charts, the 14th was recorded with blues on trumpet already with Horn already on stage with Triace Silber, Rock on flute, Solomon on flute, Lary Raylor, ex Kanned heats, on bass on drums with ron selelico, on guitar with free dyrobbinson.

MayallJazz John Fusion BluesCDBluesPolydor52746021972727 9,90Made in Italy 1972, smooth cardboard cover on the back, red label with black top and ''Stereo 33'' in horizontal box on the right. Published in May 1972 after "Memories" and before "Continuation" in the United Kingdom, it has now reached number 64 of the us and non-British rankings. the 14th Ip.

registato livest a bosston e new york, con blue mitchell allea thromba gia' con horace silvers, climbord solomon ai si ax, lary tonight, ex conserve heats, al base solico lelico allea batteries, frddy rubinson allea guitarra. contiene i seeguenti brani- Country road, Mess around, good time boot, chance de your way, changer les chemins, gorge siccatifs, Übung en c-Dur Für harmonisationika, got to be This Way .

It is a testimony of extraordinary spiritual tensions, in which a free field jazzy is strongly polluted by the African and Asian spirits and perhaps also by that of the Indians.

One of the most important representatives of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Music) in Chicago, Maurice McIntyre is an important experimental free jazz collective in Chicago that musicians such as Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell (Art Ensemble Of Chicago) have passed by. In this context he has been active since the early 1960s, 1965-66 he was part of Roscoe Mitchell Sextet and participated in the recording of her historical LP "Sound" (1966); 1969 he recorded his first solo LP "Humility in the Lights of Creator", which developed into an intensive integration of jazz- and african and asian spirituality.

In the 70's he was active in the so-called "Loft Jazz" scene in New York and later devoted himself to an intensive concert activity by sporadically releasing records. Keith JarrettFacing YouLPJazzEcm RecordsECM1017ST19728 36,00Polished front and back without code, green sticker with silver writing. Originally released on ECM, recorded at Arne Bendiksen Studios in Oslo on 10 November 1971 by Keith Jarrett at the piano.

Jarrett's first ECM record is regarded as one of his best and most important works, in which the pianist in the recording room gives a kind of foretaste of the creative explosion that will soon manifest itself in the famous "Koln concert": almost r'n'b and blues scores alternate with passages permeated by cultivated music and improvised Jazz, lyrical and intimate atmospheres alternate with abstract and cerebral soundscapes.

Jarrett, one of the greatest piano talents ever to be expressed in jazz, was born in Pennsylvania from a multi-ethnic family and was passionate about "Music, Sound" in the 1960s with Tony Scott, the popular Charles Lloyd Quartet's popular band known as the Jazzmessengers. He then landed in Miles Davis at the end of the decade and participated with him in the birth of Electric Jaz () (1969-71).

First European print, double vinyl, outside laminated folding cover and inside smooth, green sticker with black writing in the middle and blue edge, prestige emblem in yellow and blue on top. This double released by the Prestige in 1976 contains two albums by Nelson, previously released under the titles ''Screamin''' the blues' (1960) and ''Straight ahead'' (1961):

Two esteemed works by the American saxophonist, accompanied by the great Eric Dolphy, in which the different styles and strong personalities of the two speak of a kind of jazzy that gravitates around the harsh pop, jagged and nervous, but is also capable of moments that are more "penetrated and lyrical". Questa la scaletta there : Questa la screetta Questa la scaletta screening Questa la screening Questa la scaletta screening Questa la screening Questa la scaletta screening Questa la la Questa la scaletta screening Questa la screening Questa la scaletta screening Questa la screening Questa la scaletta screening Questa la screening Questa la scaletta measuring Questa la screening Questa la scaletta measuring Questa la screening Questa la scaletta Ralph Questa la screening Questa la scaletta Ralph Questa la screening Questa la scaletta Ralph Questa la three three three Questa la scaletta new new new Questa la new new new Questa la scaletta new new new Questa la new new new.

He has worked in various styles of both orchestral and pop music, as well as composing soundtracks for television and movies, including Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery. Dad John Creach & Midnight SunI'm The Fiddle ManLPJazzBUDDAH RECORDSBDS5649197510 20,001975 Buddhahords. Philip Woods & European Rhythm MachineLive At Montreux 72LPJazzPierre CardinAZSTEC131/ILS902419723 50,00print of 21.12. 1972 Pierre Cardin - Distribution Exclusive orange label with writing and black motif, of this LP which proposes one of the most famous episodes of the European period of the Springfield saxophonist, his appearance at the Montreux festival of '72.

The album contains on page A the long suites "The Executive Suite", which occupies the entire façade and summarizes many of the reasons for the music of this group: The solo spaces of the four musicians are given plenty of space, the work unfolds in thematically and temporally different episodes (a Ballade, a 4/4, a Rockbeat), which illustrate the great emotionality "and the extraordinary abilities" of the instrumental musicians.

"An overwhelming machine of swings, theatricality and exuberant communication, capable of conveying forms of Jazz, Parkerism and Avant-garde, Blue and rock in a wise past and present. In the 60's he also played on Benny Carter's famous longplayer "Further Definitions", toured Europe with Thelonious Monk Nonet and performed in the studios for scores like "The Hustler" and "Blow Up".

In 1972 he returned to the USA and founded a quintet in 1973 whose record "Live at the Showboat" was quite successful. It is a diversified and provocative record, but always in the hottest way with a swing.

ArkestraSome Sun Ra & His ArkestraSome Blues But Not The Kind That's BlueLPJazzEl Saturn1014077197767676? 199,00Fantastic. Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue, a beautiful 1977 date that is rich in standard. "Untiled " was taken at the same 1977 session, but didn't make it onto the cd. Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue, although taken about a ten year apart, is from a Blue Dellight piece: mostly standard records that really put Sun Ra's pianism and John Gilmore's art of singing to the fore.

Though the Arkestra is known for its external performance and its cacophony trends, this CD shows that you can perform it both directly and in action. Giuseppi Logan QuartetThe Giuseppi Logan QuartetLPJazz; Free JazzBase recordESP100719655 110,00Debut 1964 recording with Don Pullen (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass) and Milford Graves (drums).

TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must DieLPRockIsland RecordsILPS911619706 79,00 English Press, hinged cover in rough cardboard on the back and inside, cover from Great Britain "i" pink Island Records Ltd based on Wallinglondon, label in white, yellow and blue pink with sea lining, green palm. Published in July 1970 in England after the''last exit'' and before the''Welcome to the canteen'', it has reached the number 5 of the British charts and the number 11 of the United States. the fourth Ip.

recorded by stem vinwood, jim cappaldi and cris forest and produced by cris forest, this is the famous record ideal compositional hinge between the first and second period of the tape, originally in the name of stem vinwood, the record and "actually based on the voice of the conductor, with short songs that do not exceed 5, 6 minutes, in the arrangements you can hear both jazzy and traditional, as well as the structure of the songs and" much less improvised,

Albums, but unique among all those released in balance between the band's first and second periods, and "to be considered the precursor of the soul progressive period the bands will adopt in the 70s". TrafficMr. FantasyLPRockIsland RecordsILPS19061197210 19,00Second press of the early 70's, date in the trailer from 5.4.72, rose wheel label, folding cover, released in December 1967 in England in front of''Traffic'' and on place 8 of the British charts and place 88 of the u.s., where the first record was released in April 1968.

grafted onto a structure of pure UK popularity, an explosive alchemistic solution, based on folic acid and dreamy, dreamy psychological, cosmic blues, oriental influences, the atmosphere that ranges from nocturnal and intimate moments to other sunny and complex, in a continuous ups and downs emotional, draw the listener to another world, and provide a place of honor among the greatest records of all time, truly immortal.

contains, to name but a few, songs of the calibre of "Dealer", "The sky is in your head", "Berkshire Poppies", "no face, no name, no numbers", "dear mr fantasy". a fundamental work in the history of the rock music and one of the 5 most beautiful records of the English psychelia. TrafficOn THE RoadLPRockIsland RecordsAORL21986619736 21,00Italian new edition of the 80's, almost identical with the first edition of 1973 and long out of print, double book with folding cover in smooth cardboard on the back and inside complete with colored inner covers, blue label with white and yellow ''i''' on the bottom, with date ''25/9/73'',.

Released in England in October 1973 after a''shoot out in the fantasy factory'' and before''when the enagle fly'', it reached number 31 in Great Britain and number 9 in the United States. I' ttavo albums. It was the group's second record in three years, in this work Windwood, Benchmarks und Holzspiel with Reebop-Kwaku-Baah, Roger Jawkins, David Hod, the only long jam tracks combining jazzy with psychological, progressiv, soul and " the most extreme " of the improvisations typical of the group's second period.

YesClose To The EdgeLPRockAtlanticK5001219723? 80,00 First rare English print, in version, with flap cover ''textured''' in relief on front and back, inside smooth, complete with inner light green paper bag with text, green and red label WITHOUT LOGO "W" at the lower edge along the circumference.... Catalogue K 50012.

Published on 13 September 1972 after ''fragile'' and before ''stories from topographical oceans''. and the third in Britain, the fifth record. Closer to the Edge will be an extraordinary success and will be among the top 5 in both the United States and the UK, Atlantic will subsidise a long promotion trip (some of these concerts will then be collected in''yessongs'') where the group will play host to concerts on stage (with Andrey Whites, Bill Brenford will leave the next recording session a month after the release of this album),''Stories from the Topographical Oceans'' may lose the balance achieved in 1972, making Closer to the Edge an absolute feat.

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