Tommy Dorsey Sinatra

Thommy Dorsey Sinatra

by Billie Holiday and the breathing technique of trumpeter Tommy Dorsey. arrives shortly afterwards when he joins Tommy Dorsey's "Big Band". He joined Tommy Dorsey's orchestra and became famous in rapid succession. Sinatra Essential Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey CD NUOVO. Keton, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Frank Sinatra.


The Dorsey / Sinatra radio years and the historical Stordahl session (vinyl, LP)

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Franc Sinatra

To the interpretive attention, of course, we have added the voice, but let us continue with the order. In 1939 he made his debut with the orchestra of Harry James, the great trumpeter, and in 1940 with the orchestra of Tommy Dorsey, where he took over the role of the primator. His baritone voice was so disturbing, they say that when he sang, people would stop dancing.

The gentleness of his singing allowed him to give very original interpretations, anticipating or delaying the meters of the score at will, as in Night And Day, Stormy Weather, White Christmas or Ol' Man River. The essence of Sinatra was the voice, a voice so perfect that it was considered an archetype, the embodiment of an idea, the synthesis of an expressive possibility.

Sinatra, the son of Italian melodic spirit, knew how to combine melody with the teaching of overseas music (from Blues to swing, from pop to jazz) and revolutionize the male voice. The beauty of her singing, sensual, romantic and pure at the same time, was able to express the most intensive emotions without ever giving in to pure power or melodrama and always remaining in rhythm.

As a result of a peculiar balance between melody and swings, Sinatra's interpretations express in a personal and unique way the great lesson of jazzy, combining it with the rhythmic mastery of accents, attacks, the duration of notes and the play of phrasing. Over 64 years of career (recording some 2200 songs, winning nine Grammy Awards and giving concerts around the world), Sinatra has transformed the romantic songs of the forties and the more complex ones of the fifties and sixties "from pleasant expressions of an era in music of immortal beauty, personal sound and eternal emotion" (Chris Ingham).

Finally, there is the chapter of the man Sinatra. The proof is that all the great singers of the pop and rock scene, even the most politically and morally distant, have sung and paid homage to Sinatra, from Bono to Dylan, from Springsteen to Vicious, from Rod Stewart and Tony Bennett, by going through the next Boublé, Cincotti and Robbie Williams.

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