Tommy Dorsey Sentimental

Thommy Dorsey Sentimental

I' m Getting Sentimental Over You di Tommy Dorsey feat. Its orchestra tratto dall'album The Best of Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. I' m Getting Sentimental over You Text Song sung by Tommy Dorsey: I never thought I'd fall, but now I'm hearing a love cry, I'm getting sentimental for you. Slow, sentimental and romantic theme with trombone solo in the style of Tommy Dorsey's "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You". Orsey released a very successful album called Getting Sentimental.

Tommy Thomas Francis Dorsey, a junior known as Tommy, was an American trombonist and conductor.


This aesthetic definition gives us the reasons why we join together with a diverse and relaxed personality, John Coltrane ("Like Sonny"), Miles Davis ("Milestones Old") and Bill Evans ("Turn out the Stars") and perceive the connection with a very personal sensibility and not through a philological command to obey submissively. This makes the performances alive and transferable on an artistic level that knows neither coup de théâtre nor instrumental diseases nor dazzling color spells, and brings a sense of jazz culture into the liberation from academic constraints and into the balance of feeling in each fragment the search for its own history,

like the emotional synthesis of "I'm getting sentimental over you", a splendid Evergreen by George Bassman, which was then refined by Tommy Dorsey, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and above all by Bill Evans, who comes so close to the natural camp and the gentle expressiveness of us. The predominant stylistic feature of the work is the continuous interweaving between Di Tommaso's guitar and Daniele Tittartelli's saxophone.

This is confirmed by Enrico Morello's solid rhythm, polyrhythmic and concise at the right time and the thick and effective notes of Francesco Galatro's double bass. The CD contains five tracks that originate from the inspired compositional vein of John Coltrane, Ann Ronell, George Bassman, Miles Davis and Bill Evans. Tommaso enlivens a fluid and pleasant way of speaking, reinforced by an excellent control of the instrument and a rhythmic tetragon of the Fattorini-Morello totem.

Turn-out the actor (Bill Evans) is an authentic milestone that is particularly agitated. Tommaso conceived a calm, sober and invented speech of intense poetry. Recorded with Luca Fattorini on double bass and Enrico Morello on drums and soon released on Filibusta Records, I is his first work.

<font color="#ffff00" size=14> ; Tommy Dorsey - The Swingin' Sentimental Gentleman Vinyl LP Comp Italy 1971 NM/NM

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RCA 10" 78/Tommy Dorsey/Jo Stafford/Swingin' On Nothin'/Not So quiet Please/E !!!!!!!

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