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Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey. Imagine that: Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra". Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Chick Webb, ecc. Soloist for trombone in classical orchestra: C. Lindberg, concert by F.

David. with the voice of Norma Bruni, accompanied by the orchestra of Pippo Barzizza.

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If playback does not start shortly, we recommend that you restart the unit. Franco Miseria's choreographic creativity alternates in this ballet of the 1987/88 edition between sounds, silence and jazzy, performed by 16 first dancers. unico new, manca la troa final causea fine nastro del vhs.Musica di Tommy Dorsey Per divertimento senior profite.

Franco Miseria's cinematic inspirations in this ballet from the 1987/88 issue of the Saturdays night show alternate between sound, stillness and jazzy. Unfortunately the last posture was not taken for the length of the band. When Autoplay is enabled, playback automatically reprend automatiquement la lecture avec l'une des suggestions vidéo actuelles.

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Between 142nd Street and Lenox Avenue is the Cotton Club, home of Swing. This nightclub marked the history of jazz and is home to many artists involved in the development of the genre. "Duke Ellington and his orchestra played the role of the "house band" of the Cotton Club, satisfying the owners' demand for new music.

The Swing is developed on the New York - Kansas City axis. These two black geniuses of the American music scene performed regularly in clubs where access to people of their own ethnicity was not allowed. It was the age of prohibition and great crisis, the Swing was born to give the lightheartedness that the public needed.

Thanks to the shows of Count Basie and Duke Ellington, it was the most popular genre in the United States, also because over the years many white musicians came to the fore. Day and night the songs were broadcasted on all radios, the line-up of the protagonists was extended: "The King" Benny Goodman, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Fletcher Henderson, Woody Herman, Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller.

The success of Swing's "whites" coincides with the arrival of jazz music in Hollywood. The era of the silent movie ended and the movie companies used the moment to invest in musical movies, at the end they hired whole orchestras and talented dancers. Who doesn't remember that Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger danced the great Swing classics?

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