Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Thommy Dorsey Orchestra

Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra, Jack Leonard and his choir & bunny Berigan. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is regarded as one of the best all-round dance bands in the history of the Big Band. Find the perfect stock photo of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Mark Taylor, who has long been regarded as the signature song for the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, arranges it wonderfully for young jazz ensembles. Tommy was an American trombonist and conductor.

Italian jazz: from its origins to the great orchestras - Adriano Mazzoletti

New York musicisti: Jimmy e Tommy Dorsey, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Coleman..... Then, after 1937, it was again the whites who dictated the law: Goodman, Gene Krupa, Bunny Berigan and the Casa Loma Orchestra in particular, similar to white musicians from New York like Miff Mole and Tommy Dorsey, he waited for a job in the orchestra of Tommy Dorsey, where he stayed until August 1936.

all of whom would join the orchestra the following year.

ll jazzy. L'era delo swinger. I' m a terrific soloist. Jawkins, Tatum, Billie Holiday..... - gunther Schuller

Thommy Dorsey, invents an ingenious line, floating, almost stationary, which..... The gift of being heard completely, i.e. vertically, by each member of the group in order to overcome spring and summer. A fine example of the latter is in Lot, with the Allen Orchestra (1936). Zutty Singleton, the double bass player Pops Foster and his student Al Morgan, the other strong.....

India, one of the most popular works by Tommy Dorsey's orchestra, will be performed by .....

I' m in Dancing Mood, Music, Rock, Pop, Jazz per dance.

The 1930s were the time of greatest splendour for the great dance orchestras. In the context of the severe economic crisis, music had a comforting function and offered cheap entertainment to forget the difficulties of everyday life. On some occasions there were even two orchestras, one on each side, and they fought together in search of the approval of very demanding and capable dancers.

Tommy Dorsey's orchestra was certainly not one of the most cutting-edge, but its sound is perfect. Unlike many of his colleagues, Tommy Dorsey didn't like improvising and preferred to play whole written arrangements. I am in a dance spirits is a great example of this music that was written and played specifically for dance.

Tommy Dorsey's trumpet has an almost brisk timbre, very soft and sweet, and plays the theme first. The female voice of his orchestra was indeed Edythe Wright, one of the best singers of the time. In 1939 Dorsey also hired Frank Sinatra, which contributed to his success.

At one point he says: "Today we often hear comparisons between the current economic crisis and that of the 1930s. I wonder if music can still have a comforting function and give us some peace. Of course we can't hear Tommy Dorsey's orchestra live, but we have countless records that keep us company!

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