Tommy Dorsey Love

Thommy Dorsey Love

Lyrics from Tommy Dorsey's song The One I Love. The lyrics and the video of the song This love of mine by Tommy Dorsey: Launched by Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra, sung by Frank Sinatra....

Read the whole text Down With Love by Tommy Dorsey feat. Someone I love (belongs to someone else).

A big band complex of musicians who play music.

Traditional and not only traditional music owes much to swings, a musical genre that exploded in the 1920s and became a specific musical genre in 1935. Musically, this genre is characterized by its jumping or swinging rhythm and a rhythmic section that executes characteristic movements that are always associated with unbridled rhythms.

We can say that the swings have spread from Kansas City and New York, where many clubs, tired of the orchestras that played the rhythms of New Orleans, have relied on new exponents to literally get people to hear these wild notes. Names such as Count Basie in Kansas City, based mainly on blue and Duke Ellington in New York, which even adopted elements from symphonic music, are among the best known today.

At that time the big bands were born, the big orchestras that enlivened the locals, that became myths, like the Cotton Club or Roseland, places where people literally line up for hours to secure a place inside. The big bands also consisted of 20-25 elements, and what stimulated the imagination of the fans were the solos, which were also played by five different instrumentalists per song.

Everything was based on improvisation: not only within the theme of a song, but also within the theme itself, to have variations on variations that sent in sollenuchero lovers of that Sounds. This is also the moment when the stage jamsessions are born with different musicians from the different bands visiting and triggering real fights of sounds, in which the audience finally decided the winner to applause.

And what is it that you call love? Cole Porter, 1930.

She was given the task of presenting What is This Thing Callled Love at the London Pavilion on 27 March 1929. The song was performed as part of the music magazine "Wake up and Dream" with music and lyrics by Cole Porter about a story by the author John Hastings Turner. "The " Ready up and Dream " included over a dozen Porter songs, including " Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love ", which were presented last year on Broadway in the Paris show.

In addition to Elsie Carlisle, the young Jessie Matthews (who later became one of the leading British stars in musicals and TV), her husband and director Sonnie Hale and the dancer Tilly Losch report. Awake and Dream got mixed reviews and ended them after only 136 appearances.

The show took place at the Selwyn Theatre and featured Jessie Matthews, Jack Buchanan and Tilly Losch. Which is This Thing Callled Love? veniva interpreata dalla cantante Frances Shelly. Leo Reisman's orchestra with Lew Conrad as the singer was the first line-up, the What is This Thing Callled Love?........

Other chart entries in What is This Thing Callled Love? were posted by: What is this thing named love? The lyrics of the song are placed next to a photo of Tilly Losch and Tony Birkmayer in a dance pose in a biography of Cole, written by Robert Kimball and Brendan Gill.

Normalmente, di What is this thing named love? The title "Wake up and Dream" was later used in at least three films (1934, 1942, 1947), but had nothing to do with Cole Porter's magazine other than the title. Was Is This Thing Callled Love? was included in these films: Notorious (2005, Gwyneth Palthrow, Vocals).

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