Tommy Dorsey Gospel Songs

Thommy Dorsey Gospel Songs

the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Sam Donahue. The father of modern gospel music. Rusty Watson's post, Thomas A. Dorsey Birthplace and Gospel Heritage Festival, Inc. post, has been approved by the Thomas A.

Dorsey Project. Ma Journey / De Gospel Train / Soon a person will be finished / Sinner.

Thommy Dorsey - diesis&bemolle

In the school of their father, a miner, but also a music teacher, quack and conductor, the brothers Tommy and Jimmy learn to play the trumpet and are engaged by various dance orchestras. In 1928 Tommy Dorsey on trumpet and his brother Jimmy on clarinet founded the group "Dorsey Brothers Orchestra", which remained active until 1934; a great success of this time was Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) with Bing Crosby as lead singer.

In 1935 Tommy Dorsey founded a new formation, which brought the young Frank Sinatra together as a singer. Soon the new group will become one of the most popular swings orchestras, and Tommy Dorsey organizes numerous successful tours. His refined and elegant trumpet concertos and his melodic and catchy songs make him known all over the world.

Among the many famous songs composed and arranged by Tommy Dorsey, I like to remember "Song of India" from 1937 and "Boogie Woogie" from 1940; it is worth mentioning that once again a huge amount of records sold, more than 235 million, was sold.


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