Tommy Dorsey big Band

The Tommy Dorsey Big Band

Founding members of legendary big band orchestra. artista / artist: Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra. Listen for free to Tommy Dorsey - The Incomparable Big Band Sound Of Tommy Dorsey (Boogie Woogie, Embracable You and more). TOMMY,DORSEY - I Grandi Del Jazz lp + Cdr Digital Remastered W/ Original Artwork & Inserts. The promising swing bands are those led by Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa and Tommy Dorsey.

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Bommy Dorsey tea for Two... chacha cha/my baby only cares about me * Buono * Top Pop 7" *....... It' Tommy Dorsey[2 Vinyl LP]. Dorsey, Tommy : LP Dorsey, Tommy : LP The Swingingin the Classics-specialmente Raymond Scott, Tommy Dorsey, Goodman tra l'......... Dance with me; Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey style; collective artists:

The Sinatra, a life for entertainment

Born in 1915 in the town of Haboken, Frank Sinatra, the crowner par excellence, decided to become a singer after hearing Bing Crosby 33. Several years have passed since then: after singing in various bands, everywhere, even on the air, he finally managed to catch the eye of Harry James, who engaged him in June 1939 as singer for his big band and had him record a month after his first album The bottom of my Heart, followed by numerous songs like My Buddy and All or nothing at all.

In 1940 Sinatra leaves Harry James to join the orchestra of Tommy Dorsey, one of the most successful swing-bands of the time, an experience that will determine the young singer's talent. While his success in the 1940s was enormous, his career came to a standstill at the beginning of the following decade due to family problems, mediocre movies and some interesting records, both as a singer and as an actor.

Sales of records fell sharply, film offers stopped, and even his voice was no longer the same for neck problems. The Oscar for best supporting actor for Da quot all' eternità in 1953 brought Sinatra back into the public consciousness and gave his musical career new life.

This year, The Voice joined Capitol Records and began an incredible season of success, thanks to the collaboration with arranger Nelson Riddle, who reinforced the singer' s personality on the jazzy side, helping him to create a relaxed but swinging atmosphere that delighted new legions of fans and brought his records to the top of the charts on time.

In the following years albums like Songs for young Lamers, This is Sinatra, A swingin' Affair, In the Lake Small Time and above all Songs for Singing Lamers, as well as the resistance against dozens of weeks in the charts, became the norm for singers all over the world, a set of sophistication and feeling that was seldom achieved and rarely surpassed.

In the sixties popularity explodes, but the popularity of The Voice is almost untouched, and in 66 he once again imposes himself with Strangers in the dark, producing records that, thanks to an extraordinary and unique vocal artistry, vary from the lightest of pops to albums with Jobim and Duke Ellington.

His performances and live performances were affected, which led the singer to announce his official resignation from the stage in 1971: an incident that developed into a big show in Los Angeles with the participation of the biggest stars of the American show. Only two years later, with a big show in Las Vegas and the recording of Ol'Blue Eyes is back, Sinatra returns to the stage and confirms her stellar position, which remained so in the seventies, although record sales were declining, although the 1974 Main Event included the historic My Way.

In search of more modern sounds and state-of-the-art technology, he will be successful in the 80s with his New York New York New York New York themes and the triple record Past, present and forever. The 1987 touring with Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin (later replaced by Liza Minnelli), the concerts all over the world in the following years and the recording of the duets in the 90s have helped to keep Sinatra's myth and success alive in spite of his almost disappeared vocal abilities.

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