Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra Featuring Frank Sinatra

Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra with Frank Sinatra

The Essential Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra di Tommy Dorsey and His Tracklist Completa di The Essential Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra di Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra feat : Tommy Dorsey und sein Orchester mit Frank Sinatra. Listen to the best songs of Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra without interruption. Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra: Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra was an American singer and actress.

Testi Album: Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra feat. </ i>. The Essential Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

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The LP-BOX Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra The popular Sinatra Vol.

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Frankis A. & Edward K.

Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington and His Orchestra released Francis A. & Edward K. in 1968. This was the first time Sinatra worked with Ellington and his famous Bigband. The project Sinatra/Ellington was long overdue, but by the time it was successful, the result was not entirely satisfactory[1] Ellington had recently lost his musical par excellence, Billy Strayhorn, and the inappropriate arrangements for the tracks, combined with the Ellington Orchestra, which seems "cold" and unwilling to sound, contributed to the failure of the record by critics and audiences[1] The only composition on the record signed by Duke Ellington is I Like the Sunrise.

The end of the sessions for the album coincided with Sinatra's 52nd birthday.

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