Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra

" Tommy Dorsey and his Clambake Seven", a group of musicians/singers among whom Jo Stafford stood out. Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra. and his choir. The Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. " Chet Baker sings and plays with Len Mercer and his orchestra Angel Eyes.


Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra, Frank Sinatra - Thommy Dorsey and his orchestra with Frank Sinatra (Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered, Stereo)

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Testi Album: Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra - The fabulous Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey

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Bommy Dorsey tea for Two, ca-ha, ca-ha. My baby only cares about me. It' Tommy Dorsey[2 Vinyl LP]. Dorsey, Tommy : LP Dorsey, Tommy : LP The Swingingin the Classics-specialmente Raymond Scott, Tommy Dorsey, Goodman tra l'......... Dance with me; Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey style; collective artists:

ll jazzy. L'era delo swinger. I' m a terrific soloist. Jawkins, Tatum, Billie Holiday..... - Guenter Schuller

Thommy Dorsey, invents an ingenious line, floating, almost stationary, which..... The gift of being heard completely, i.e. vertically, by each member of the group in order to overcome spring and summer. Zutty Singleton, the double bass player Pops Foster and his student Al Morgan, the other strong..... Among the most popular works by Tommy Dorsey's orchestra, Marie and Song of India are performed by .....

sono dans "A Portrait of Tommy Dorsey", Gale 404, oppure dans "The Chronological Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra 1936-1937", Classics 916.

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